The Return Of Round Up


September 19, 2010 , ,
Round Up Return

Round up has been missing in the past couple of weeks now but it is now back with its usual form of highlighting some brilliant post from around the web. Just remember this is my way of sharing the love without comment luv, that is what round Up is all about spreading the love or you can use some Website traffic affiliate program to drive traffic to your blog .How do I get mentioned? You might ask yourself simple just keep on writing that great article and you will at some point get mentioned here. This Round up Series will only help to drive traffic to your blogs. How will I find your post? Is another question I get asked, as long as you comment here I will find your post how? Simple you visit read an article left a comment and I follow it back to your site. There are limited number of spaces here so you blog post will get mentioned here at some point.

Here are the posts that get caught in the Round Up this week.

Creating Your SEO Plan & SEO Implementation – Creating your SEO plan for a website or a blog is one of the first things you need to do before you start SEO implementation. In fact this is one of the most common mistakes web owners tend to make, they don’t have an SEO plan. I haven’t really dedicated myself to explaining this part to you; in fact it was my mistake of skipping it and explaining the SEO techniques first.

There Really are Advantages to Networking! – It doesn’t matter if you have a cookie-cutter nine-to-five job in the corporate world or run your own business, and it doesn’t matter if you have four friends or forty. There really are advantages to networking.

Bloggers: Does It Feel Like No One’s Listening? – At least you should know this: you’re not alone! I visited two rather lonely blogs tonight. I know that the bloggers are doing their best. No blog is perfect. I’d say that the ratio of lonely blogs (as in, no one is really listening) to popular blogs has got to be somewhere close to a million to 1. Really. Think about how many blogs are started every single day. There are only so many readers. It takes time to get around.

Key elements in blog comments – This happens with most of us, I mean us bloggers. We all visit blogs but a thing which most of us resist doing is commenting. I think its uncommon for anyone to comment on each and every blog or say, posts. Networking or maintaining good relationship with fellow bloggers is one of the most vital parts of successful blogging.

7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Earnings – Affiliate marketing continues to attract more people than ever. The reasons for that are; very little risk and little to no cost to get started. In addition, you don’t need a web site or subscriber list (although I do recommend having them), no dealing with customer issues, product

Haven’t seen your article here? I have not missed you, your post was great but I do hope you go out and support these Authors and their post. That’s it for this Round of Round Up I hope you found these post helpful and remember sharing is caring. Have you say over to you.


20 thoughts on “The Return Of Round Up”
  1. nice post and its really help, i like the post about SEO and in post there as some tips, if someone understand after reading the post

    1. Thanks for your continued support here at it is always a pleasure to have you here that is right Zarko’s post about SEO wa a brilliant piece and that it is why it got mentioned here.

  2. Gary, Thanks so much for the mention in your “Round Up”. I do appreciate it. 🙂

    You are going way above and beyond by providing us with your “Round Up”. It gives all of of a chance to read some excellent articles. Keep up your great work here!

    P.S. Did you change your blog colors again? 😉

    1. Thanks Robert for your kind words yes i did adjust the colors of this template and i believe i will be sticking with it for a while. Your comment is always appreciated here.

  3. Great round up there Gary! I particularly liked the last one, since I’m more into affiliate marketing these days.

    I’m just wondering how you get a lot of stumbles. what’s the secret? 🙂


    1. Thanks jason glad you like the round up and i know that you are an internet marketer and about the Stumbles i do nothing special i just submit and the rest takes care of itself

  4. Great list Gary! I particularly interested in the last article, I’ve bookmarked it, so I can read as I have a bit of time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Some great posts about affiliate marketing and SEO. I really loved the last post about increasing our affiliate earning. Thanks a lot

  6. good idea… liked you way of sharing the love without comment luv. ‘What the blogging world needs now is love – sharing love’ and it seems like you’re right at it! Thanks for sharing some impressive articles, will check it out for sure.

  7. The affiliate earnings article is something everyone is looking for. Monetizing traffic can be difficult when you dont fully understand your own niche.

  8. I think the things you wrote about are very thought provoking Wonderful writing style. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciated the fact that you shared this with us, You definitely need to keep on writing. This is great stuff.

  9. Thanks for the link love! (the sharng the love without commentluv!) There looks to be a couple here that havent checked out yet. They look very interesting.

    Since I finally have a little time to do some exploring, headed that way now!!


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