Choose your Link Partners Wisely


April 6, 2011 , ,

Link building has become the norm for us as bloggers hoping to get better Google Page Rank and ultimately better search engine results. The big question is linking to the wrong website or blog. The expert always says to get link from websites with to get better results. It is always the idea that we should link to do follow blogs as these links carry better weight in the eyes of the Search Engines thus yielding better results. As far as I look at it a link is a link may it be do follow or not it should not matter the site is what matters to me.

I am no expert at Seo or anything technical when it comes to Seo I am just sharing my opinion here so bare that in mind. If your blog is about website design would you link to a website that is about postcards I guess you wouldn’t but I would let me try and explain my reason here? Take this as an example when a visitor comes to your website and leave a comment and his website details it maybe a gambling website, do you remove that comment or keep it? Get the picture now.

Link Building is in my eyes a form of marketing strategy one that I strongly believes works and will continue to do so. What I am not sure about is the benefit from the Search Engines, the actual weight it carries but certainly it has serves its purpose, if you don’t believe just check your blog statistics and see where the traffic is coming from and you might be surprise. I comment on lots of blogs and never stop to think if it is a do follow blog I am more interested in the blogs quality that is what matters to me.

Linking to high traffic blog is a good way to build links the more organic traffic a blog gets is the better the chance of you getting visitors to your website. One such proof is the social bookmarking website digg if you blog post made it to the front page of digg then the traffic spin of will be great. This means when you are planning your link building campaign you should choose your link partners carefully. Choosing your link partner does not means it has to be in the same niche of ours but you should ensure the validity of the site you choose to link with.

Thanks for reading and remember sharing is caring feel free to share and or retweet this post. Do you choose your link to website that are of different Niche from yours and if so why? Feel free to share your thoughts and choose your link partners wisely.


54 thoughts on “Choose your Link Partners Wisely”
  1. Web designing involves the use of extraordinary techniques that could give a perfect phase to the website. nice post having useful information, thanks for sharing…

  2. Link building…I haven’t been into much. I have been getting requests for the same but I am saying “No” to all of them. No more link exchanges at present. Instead I am looking for the alternatives like guest posting, social media marketing and a bit of article marketing. I think it is easier to get links through these methods. And I am quite happy with the same. As far as choosing link partners is concerned, I think it would appear foolish if I am exchanging links with each and every site irrespective of the the niche. Link building should be done only with the related sites based on a common niche. Finally…it should look all natural !

    1. Thanks Aswani you have sum it up simple and straight forward when choosing our link partners we should aim to make them look natural and of the same Niche as yours thanks for your input.

  3. You have said it correct about choosing link partners.I have not done much of link building and infact i say NO to link exchange request these days.

    Link exchange should be be done only with sites related to own niche.

    1. I too myself have turned down quite a few. The funny thing about most of my request are that some of them are even from gambling website which have no relationship with my blog’s theme strange isn’t it?

  4. I completely agree, link building is a necessity to get high rankings, I find social networks and social bookmarking to be quite effective, not to mention high ranked blogs, but its def important to balance out the amount of time one should spend devoted to blogging in high ranked blogs that are usually no follow blogs.
    Web Design and Development

    1. Hi Tony Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog i do agree with you that we should balance out our time that we spent commenting on high ranked blog some are do follow but having said that no follow blogs has its benefit you can still receive meaningful traffic from them.

    1. You summed it up all in one sentence Karen we should all aim for good quality links when doing our link building campaign Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

  5. There is something plenty of eager SEO’s and link builders can learn from this post, and that is that when you build links for yourself or for a client the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you want a link from that site.

    People tend to look at link building from the overly technical side, how many visitors the site has, what is the page rank, are the links do follow, what is the immediate relevance etc… the simple question should be do we find the site to be of quality or not, just like you said.

    1. Thanks Zarko your comment make my feel like the post was very worth while comming from you it can only inspire me to write more. Thanks Zarko for taking the time to add your your voice to the debate.

  6. if I am not saying wrong then you should take care like as when you choose your life partner.Because all that links belongs to life of your website so I can say all that links are life partners of your website rather than link partner.
    Really I was enjoyed this post and I always like your all blog post.I hope you ll do same work in near future too.

    1. Life partners that is a great way to put and guess what you are absolutely correct they are the life of our website and as you have said we need to choose them wisely because it can help to either prolong or shorten our blogs life.

  7. Hi lawmacs:

    You being and SEO expert, I want you to write lots of link building posts, so I may know something about link building that really works. I really need to learn a lot in this field. I know you depend much on link building than direct links from comments.

    You do have a cool post here. and I enjoyed reading it.

    Fran A

    1. Thanks Fran i am honoured to know that you feel that great about me i must point out here that by no means am i an expert but i wll take the credit (lol) why not i merely share my years of experience with others.

  8. Link Partners are very important in building our links. And because our link is very important to be popular and searchable on search engines.

    1. That is right thanks for taking the time to ad your voice to the debate but remember to choose your link partners carefully and not just link for link sake.

  9. I think the cliche “bad neighborhood” argument is still the best in relation to link building. You wouldn’t go to a shady high crime neighborhood to sell high value goods, so why solicit backlinks from an equally shady websites. You’re bound to get yourself into trouble either way.

    1. That is absolutely true FinallyFast and that analogy about selling high value goods in a high crime area the answer would simple be a no no. Thanks for your input.

  10. As webmaster, you have usually full control over your website and to which site you link from your website, this is why it is very important in terms of SEO and optimizing your sites for search engines like google, that you make sure that you are not linking to spammy or penalized sites. However, if you do not care about your google traffic, then of course you are free to do whatever you want.

    1. Thanks Andreas as you have rightly said we do have full control over our website or blog so it is in our best interest to ensure that we are linking to good and quality websites.

  11. Rand from seomoz created a very nice WBF yesterday about link analysis, and I think that can also be applied to verifying your link partners… in fact, it fit perfectly 🙂

    1. Thanks for the information will have a look at it Thanks Joe for taking the time tro post your comment here it is much appreciated any tool to help with our link building campaign is a bonus.

  12. Speaking of Digg: Someone was saying on another blog that if you made it to the front page of digg then you should worry about the server that hosts your blog, because of the traffic you will receive 🙂

    1. That is the story going aroound but unfortunately for some like me i have had that opportunity to make it to the frontpage of digg yet still working on that.

  13. I completely agree with you, Link Building has become a norm not only for bloggers but also for website/online business owners too.

    Selecting a Link Partner relevant to your blog or website theme is of utmost importance. Only then can you get full benifits for your Link Building efforts.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. Looking forward for some great posts from your end.

  14. I think buying links and advertisement space on irrelevant niche is just waste of money. However commenting on any blog about any niche is fine as for as you are making a good comment.

    1. That is my views on link building however i still believe that you can benefit from any blog or website whatever the niche if the traffic is really high and you want to drive traffic to a particular sales page.

  15. Link Partners are very important in building our links. And because our link is very important to be popular and searchable on search engines.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to post your comment we all agree that link building is important but i think it is more important to choose the link building partners wisely.

    1. Thanks website templates it seems like this is your first time here so welcome and i do hope to see you around more often participating in the debate here.

  16. It’s indeed sometimes difficult to find the right partners in this. You don’t want to be associated with some websites. Never let it come at the expense of your company or website’s image.

    1. That is true but we should not use that as an excuse and start been link happy we should choose where we build our links from as this could see our time and effort been wasted.

  17. thank you so much for sharing your insight..this is such a informative post..yes it’s better to have a good quality that your work are not wasted..

  18. thanks you so much for the tips you shared i really appreciate that.. this is such a very informative post..a very valuable thank you so much..

  19. a very informative post..thanks for posting this up..I really enjoy reading such a article that give information and tips in link building..

  20. backlinking is quite important from the seo point of view, however you shouldn’t comment only to get the backlink from the site and better google position. When you participate in a discussion you build your reputation too and you may attract potential visitors as well.
    Very nice article!

  21. Thanks for this post!!1 You’ve been a great help for me.. searching it over the net and i found yours great ideas!! 🙂

  22. If we look at the fundamental reasons for making link exchanges in the first place, then it is easy to decide which link possibilities we should pursue and which we should drop. Am I right?

  23. A big controversy topic. Really, excited with your explanation. I won’t consider that websites has more quality than blogs. I just go for link building from niche pages whether it may be a website or blog. Great article Lawmacs. Thanks for sharing this.

  24. Hence google doesn’t recommend link exchange but if it is done good way with clear analysis of your link partner, it can be turn out in good result. To prevent to be get into spam list, we must continuously check the status of our link partner even after exchanged.

  25. Link building is still going to be the SEO trump card for the foreseeable future, but instead of using link partners, I suggest getting those links via other methods.

    Some great ways to build links are:

    1. Build a “101 list”. These get Dugg all the time, and often become “authority documents”. People can’t resist linking to these (hint, hint).

    2. Create 10 easy tips to help you [insert topic here] articles. Again, these are exceptionally easy to link to.

    3. Create extensive resource lists for a specific topic.

    4. Create a list of the top 10 myths for a specific category.

    And these are just a few of them.

  26. Linking building to me is just as important as sponsors on my blog. They are one in the same to me because if I have no followers, I have no chance of my followers clicking on my sponsors..

  27. Choosing link partners is truly important these days. Also it matters if your link partner is in the same niche like yours…must have backlinks and a high PR.

  28. For a high traffic Link building is better than other.wonderful post, very informative.I believe that all the information I have been very useful and I hope that others will also benefit from this valuable knowledge. thanks so much.

  29. Thanks for share such a great advices about seo. Relevant back links will give more value to our blogs, high quality back links are brings more back links.Thanks for share these tips with us.

  30. Hi Lawmacs vary informative post.This post teach more about the value of building back links.Thanks for share your opinions regarding to seo.

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