Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing


March 29, 2011 , ,

These are two terms that are been thrown around the internet Social Media Marketing marketing and Search Engine Optimization two very important features of our daily blogging life but are we doing both? if not which one are we doing? I guess you all heard or read about the Google latest Panda,Farmer update and might have been affected by it in some way or the other. According to Mr Google this was design to refine search results and give searchers a better result. Have you seen any change in your traffic analysis? and how did this affect your website?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process by which we apply certain techniques to our web pages. This is basically  The refinement of website content, the development of inbound links to the website, and publicity about the website aimed at raising the position of the website in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). I am assuming here that you are like me when writing any piece of content for your website or blog we will always optimize those contents before we publish them. Now it looks like with these changes we might have lost out on our hard work.

Social Media Marketing

This is one of the latest marketing strategy that we should all be getting use to or at least use to by now but are we taking this seriously enough to achieve its benefit?. Social Media Marketing is not that of a new trend but it is actually getting popular by the minute due to the emerging power of Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But what impact do they have massive impact they change the way we blog market and communicate on the web. Social Media Marketing is simple the process. 

Social media marketing is a term that describes use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service according to Wikipedia. As a blogger which one you choose should be a personal choice you could do both but Social Media Marketing tends to get you trusted content out quicker because of the large communities that they attract.

One concern that i have with the new Google update is if it is a way of driving not just the Content Farm underground but to help to get rid of some of the dubious Search Engine Optimization Tactics the some of the so called experts used to gain Rankings for their customers.The fact still remains we need to optimize our content, we still need the support of Search Engines to survive and get those organic results that we so desire. Now what are your thoughts on Search Engine Optimization (Seo) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) are you using them or what is your Marketing Strategy?


46 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing”
  1. I’m supportive of Google’s new move in away actually. Sure it’s done much damage to some of our traffic sources but when we do start using social media tactics and proper ways of getting traffic, i think it will be much more beneficial. Search results are getting even better too; so from a learning side, it’s all good i think 🙂

    1. That is good to see that you have seen the positive site of the Google update this is something we have to take and adapt to as these changes will always affect us either in a negative or positive way.

  2. In the future (and to some extent its already in place), search engine optimization and social marketing will go hand in hand because of the real time information on trending topics the social networks provide, on some searches, this data becomes more relevant than traditional relevancy ranking results (based on links).

    1. That is true the revolution we have seen in the past year through social networking website like facebook and twitter to the diggs and stumbles has changing the whole ball game Thanks for your input.

  3. I think we require both these services. Also, if I am not wrong then social media marketing is also a part of SEO…Isn’t it? Now, I can see a lot being written about this new Google update – Panda. Good or Bad…We all have to accept it. I am not seeing any harm with this new update. Infact, its all for good reasons. If search results are improved then it can lead to better search experience through enhanced search quality in the least possible time. Instead of criticizing Google over this new update, why not concentrate more on the quality of our pages and content, which finally should be the top priority for any blogger !

    1. You are right Aswani Social Media Marketing forms part oe Seo and to your last point you are right we should all be focusing on our blogs quality and that should ultimately leads to better search results.

  4. I think Panda helps those sites which have good and qualitative content, and a little “spring cleaning up” on Google doesn’t hurt. . It hasn’t influenced my traffic on my blog so far…

    1. Hi Anna Thanks for your visit i believe that the Panda update will affect your blog at some point as it seems as if Google update was rolled out geographically so lets wait and see.

  5. …….As more companies are leveraging social media marketing and online PR in their marketing mix one of the questions that is brought up is the relationship between social media marketing and search marketing or pay-per-click advertising . But marketers are well served adding online PR and social media marketing into their marketing mix.

    1. You have said perfectly Social Media Marketing is now becoming more and more popular and seems to be an alternative to the tradional marketing methods we used to over the years. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

  6. I would say that both SEO and SEM is important in today’s context.
    I believe that new update of Google will improve search engine results in quality. Sites which have quality content will be better placed.

    1. I do hope that this will be better for us as bloggers as most of our effort is spend writing content for our blog i would really love to see that we get better results. Thanks again for your support.

  7. It’s a great post, you really are a good writer! I’m so glad someone like you have the time, efforts and dedication writing, for this kind of article… Helpful, And Useful.. Very nice post!

    1. Thanks for the compliments and your kind words i am glad that you found the article very helpful and i hope to see you around more often

  8. well, since google and bing confirmed that twitter and facebook activity influences rankings, now social media marketing can also be included in SEO.. I guess

    1. Hi Alex it seems as if it is your first visit here i do hope you find the content useful and also it is not your last visit Thanks again for taking the time to leave your comment and with all the chances Search Engine Marketing will play a big Role in Seo

  9. .When it comes to marketing products or services online three words are of prime importance Return on Investment ROI . If not IMC has the years of experience you need to make the web your most valuable marketing tool..

    1. Thanks Vivek i do hope that newbies and bloggers alike will benefit from this i am not an expert by any means but just trying to share my knowledge.

  10. Your definition of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing pleases me a lot. Thanks for that.

    In all intents, we need those services as without them online businesses will be inconsequential. SEO is confusing, maddening, complicated but it requires a common sense to cross the barriers and get to the land flowing with links.

  11. great thanks for this is wonderful tips..yes I agree with you that social media is really helps in internet marketing I’ve try this before tweeting and creating fan pages..also it was fun..

  12. Search Marketing Expo – SMX – is the search engine marketing conference from Third Door Media the company behind the Search Engine Land news site and the Search Marketing Now webcast series.SMX is programmed by the sharpest minds in search marketing. ..Content about social media marketing is a key component of all Search Marketing Expo SMX conferences.

  13. yes social media marketing is really good for search engine media like facebook and tweeter..this two site are so popular and this well help to drive more traffic into your site..

  14. Thanks for your information. By your post i came to know the main difference between SEO and SEM. I must appreciate your work. Great share.

  15. social media marketing is really fun..specially this both site you use..the facebook and tweeter you really enjoy your work doing this seo tactics..

  16. Im doing both SEO and SMM. While Social Media can be very time consuming, Im finding that if its consistently done and with good quality in mind…it does drive traffic to my site. It also helps with getting some backlinks indexed.

    Website Creator

  17. I have been through the whole content of this blog which is very informative and knowledgeable stuff, So i would like to visit again .

  18. Interested in design and honestly envy blogs about design that their community involvement with such services promotes the entries in the FB and Twitter. This very much admire this kind of openness.

    In my country there is no so well. Blogging in the mother tongue, Twitter is not popular, Facebook already so, because a large telecommunications companies, official media have begun to talk about him, and the boom began after a video of FB appeared in theaters. In any event, the promotion is still poorly. Users rarely click Like Button, FB Share. The RT is not even mention.

  19. I really have seen not much difference in any results lately. I want to let everyone know that there is a phone number where you can reach Google about search results. The number is (650) 253-0000. They will definitely answer the phone, and you can actually talk to a live person by pressing 0 at any time.

  20. thanks lawmacs for sharing you insight..i really appreciate your this is such a useful and a very informative post..thanks for posting this up..

  21. I prefer both SEO & SMM. Even though SEO gives ranking in SERP & traffic I also go for SMM to increase the traffic immediately & from that I will generate the lead.

  22. Successful online business is impossible without an effective marketing strategy.Every Marketing Firm wants their webpresence and maximum visibility of their Business Products/ Services to boost their sales. At Present Many companies are claiming that they can produce results very quickly in a shorter period of time. In this Kind of Scenario Picking up a Right Search engine Optimization Company is a Challenging task.The online networking sites, professional or social, can be good medium of finding the right clients, associates and vendors who can contribute to the growth of our business.I am really thankful to you for providing this unique information. Please keep sharing more and more information ……

  23. Any update by Google is not actually a problem for anyone who is doing all the right things when it comes to optimizing their sites. Mainly because if a site is well made and the content is right and the links pointing to it are organic, then it would rank well no matter what algorithm Google uses.

  24. I personally think that Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing should go hand in hand. If you want to be successful in your online business, you should consider this two factors and it should be done correctly. Commenting on blogs and guest posting isn’t enough. You should combine those efforts with Social media marketing like participating in Facebook and Twitter.

  25. I genuinely feel that social media marketing is the way to go. I believe that SEO’s days are numbered unfortunately as i can see google implementing all their search’s with interest from social websites, mainly facebook and google+.

  26. Interesting that you make it sound like there’s a choice between the two – if you’re running an SEO programme without social media as an integral part of the strategy both on site and off-site, then you’re missing a trick. But SEO doesn’t normally involve the actual managing of social profiles.

    The success of both comes down to the quality of the content/idea and the ability to connect people with that content. To date, SEO practitioners understand the revenue impact of targeting that content very specifically to a high volume term and boosting SERPs as a result. Social media practitioners tend not to think like that, but think in pure awareness terms – less targeted but, when done well, wider coverage.

    I would say this wouldn’t I (as I work for an SEO company), but good SEO agencies have the ability to do the lot as they have the tech/analytical capabilities to set the SEO strategy to maximise the value of the content on and off-site (by targeting it correctly) through the use of social. I’m not sure social-led strategies have the same ability to impact the bottom line but socal certainly massively helps with well set SEO strategies.

  27. I liked twitter more. It hides the URL and convert into a new URL. I think it indulge people more to click behind the surprise link.

  28. Hi Lawmacs very interesting post,I would say that both SEO and SEM is important in today’s context.Social media is expanding day by day and it surely drives traffic if done correctly.Content is the key factor,with quality content we can be placed better in SERP.

  29. I hope those two are most important to a website or blog.SEO is the best way to optimize your website and getting more visitors to your website as the same time SMM is also powerful to bring the visitors to your website.Thanks for the given information.

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