Is link Building Dead?


August 15, 2010 , ,

Another thought provoking question i put to you my fellow bloggers. This blogger must be crazy must be your first thought when you saw this headline, how could you ever think that? is the other question that might comes to your mind.Lets face it from my observation and this is just my personal opinion there are no facts that suggest other wise but in the past this was seen to be the craze emails flying around from bloggers and webmasters asking for link exchange sites like was a place where bloggers and website owners trade links with one another.

Building links pointing back to our website or blog is is still important in my view this enhance the importance of our website and highlight its importance using your chosen anchor text this can lead to one thing and ultimately that is traffic which is the life blood of our blog. The flow of traffic to your website is never enough. Now that Google has factor in page speed as part of its website ranking factor do you believe that link building is dead?

There are lots of ways to build link to your website or blog the route you choose is yours however be aware that getting involved in link farm is not advisable because this can get your website penalised by the major search engines. Commenting on blogs is a good way of building links to your blog some believe that CommentLuv enable blogs are the best blogs to build back links with i still believe leaving comments on any blogs whether it be do follow or no follow has its advantage when i do leave a comment on blogs i don’t stop to think about CommentLuv or do follow. I will explain this ,have you ever visit a blog see a comment that is relevant to the post and follow it to the commenter’s blog? i am sure lots of you has done this well you got the point comments are valuable source of traffic where ever you place them.

Well that brings me back to the headline “Is link Building Dead?” now share your views you might find this topic thought provoking it is just lawmacs trying to share his views, what are yours? do think building links is still worth it or is it that you do what i do?, try and build links naturally  building link naturally is getting people to link to you without you asking which i think is the best way so have your say Is link building dead or alive?.


50 thoughts on “Is link Building Dead?”
  1. Gary, It seems like all your latest posts are thought provoking. 🙂

    In answer to your question, I think link building is very much alive and well. However, I do believe the way we build links has changed over the past few years.

    It’s not just a matter of building links any more. It’s more about building relationships with those you link with. It’s also important that you know who you are linking up with. Linking to sites with a bad rep can hurt your rankings.

    I wish I had more time to spend on building links but for now, my favorite methods of building links is commenting on good blogs like yours 😉 and posting in forums.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Robert i am happy that i can provide good post for my readers and yes the thought provoking ideas is part of the writing plan to see the reaction from the web.

  2. Congrats to you Gary as your article “is link building dead” is on 1st page of Google SERP 🙂 .

    Link building is not just about getting links to your blog its also about making good relationship with other bloggers by leaving comments on their blogs.

    Link building will never be dead ..

    1. Thanks for the heads up Shabnam never realize that i made it that far so quickly just goes to show that a little hard work can paid off and i think you are right link building will never die.

  3. I had to read this right away as soon as I read the title. A good teaser I have to admit. Anyway, link building is obviously not dead and I will maybe risk saying that it will never be dead. On the contrary, I think that search engines and everything else “organic” will further rely with links pointing to websites as this is one form of “endorsing” any website. The quantity in my view is what maybe drilling down to a slow death as “quality” inbound links will get stronger and stronger.

    1. Thanks Ditesco for re-eforcing my thoughts about finding better and natural ways of building backlinks to your blog as we are all aware organic traffic is the best of all Thanks for your continued support here.

  4. Nice article Gary,well relavant Link building is still considered as a vital method to get link juices and better SERP’s and i agree with shabnam in this point.

    1. Thanks Hirfoan link building is still alive but is it that bloggers are finding better ways of building link more like the organic type and yes Shabnam has made a valid point here.

  5. If link building is dead then SEO is dead. As simple as that. I think link building forms the bulk of a SEO. Maybe people still have this google page rank in their minds when they think about link building but for me, link building is one of the ways to build a good relationship in this blogosphere. I do it mostly for creating a good relationship with my fellow bloggers. And in the process it gets me a decent amount of traffic and also a better google page rank. Yes, page speed is now a factor to a google page rank but you cannot ignore the importance of quality backlinks which is only possible if your link building is good. As a whole, Link Building is vital to me as a blogger though I am not much into it now. I am happy to be a link baiter which I believe is more fruitful in the long run.

    1. Very good piece of information you just provide here Aswani this prove my feelings all along that you are very knowledgable in SEO Thanks for this valuable piece of information. Food for post.

  6. Link building may not be the powerhouse it once was, but it definitely will still have to have it’s place.

    Thanks for a thought provoking article

    1. Link Building is alive and has its place but the focus seems to be changing from link building to more of attracting links or getting natural links

  7. The truth is, the Web has always been social, but in my view link building can be effective if your link are useful to integrate the article people are reading, so they are most interested to read the content behind the link and you receive target traffic as well.

  8. I don’t think that “Link Building” will ever be dead unless Google and the other search engines figure out some way to make irrelevant the weight of links all together, which I don’t foresee happening. Unfortunately, so long as there’s link building, there will be insurmountable sums of spam spewed throughout the Internet with each passing moment.

    1. You could be right there Jasmine for now link building is alive but i don’t think that it is as popular and that sought after that much.

  9. Link building is not dead, it’s just that there are more effective methods in generating traffic that are being formulated and capable of driving same results, such as social media marketing, email marketing, ppc, branding and many more.

    but what makes link building important are:

    1. drives traffic
    2. improves your site’s authority and trustrank
    3. visibility (keyword ranking or branding through blog comments)
    4. pagerank (importance of a site to the community)

    Well, I know that there’s more than those I’ve mentioned.

    1. Thanks Jason you added some very important point here link building definately drives traffic to your blog and also builds trust and authority

      1. I’m thanking you as well for an enjoyable read 🙂 This post practically inspired me to write something related to this on my personal blog.


  10. Absolutely no. Since I’ve been using it right now. In my part its effective to all my site. The social bookmarking, article submission are very useful to gain informative ideas to the all.

  11. I don’t think link building is dead, although most sites won’t link to you when you are starting out until you have at least PR2-3. So, until then you have to rely on normal link building, and once I do get to PR3, I don’t need to ask for links from other sites.

    Wait, does this mean that link building is dead? I’m confused now 🙂

  12. Link Building will never be totally dead, it’s a really good idea from google to evaluate websites that way…

  13. well with out link building for seo its just like the same thing that fish without water. so concept[t of link building vanishes then concept of competition would be ended

  14. If linkbuilding is dead, you wouldn’t know it from the linkbuilding software promotions that are out there! I have heard linkbuilding in combination with activity (a blog with active comments) and fresh, unique content is the key. In otherwords, you have to have the trifecta, not just links.

  15. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

  16. I don;t think link building is dead . Link building is important to rank your site on top and to for getting traffic ans earn money

  17. Linkbuilding is the core of Internet. IMO it will never die. Even if Google stop taking external links as a rank factor – links will always be vital for a website.

    Thanks for that post 🙂

  18. Well i see most of the times people comeup with new things ,they will just say the classic methods stopped working. All link building methods works so far good including directory listing ( there is a lot of conversation going on nowadays whether directory listing have link juice nowadays.) In my experience we can really target high competition keywords with just these classic link building methods like directory listing, blog commenting, forum posting, sbm etc…


  19. PageRank is an algorithim google invented that assesses the strength of a website. The algorithim evaluates a site on a scale of n/a to 10 with 0 being the lowest/weakest and 10 being the highest/strongest. We can check our site’s rank by using a pagerank checker tool.

  20. If you’re someone who doesn’t understand a lot of PHP, HTML, or CSS, Thesis will give you a ton of functionality without having to alter any code. For the advanced, Thesis has incredible customization possibilities via extensive hooks and filters. And with so many design options, you can use the template over and over and never have it look like the same site.


  21. Great blog post, I will keep these points in mind the next time I write a blog post. Keep em coming!
    Well come to!

  22. sending online press releases is another great way to get backlinks. There are free sites, but remember you get what you pay for! Your News. Everwhere.

  23. Interesting article! I think link building will continue to be important in determining rankings in the foreseeable future, however I think too many people become obsessed with the numerical scores involved in determining rankings: PR and Alexa are important but at the end of the day it’s SERPS that matter. The way to get good SERPS is to create great content and lots of it, regularly. If the content really is great there is no reason why other sites will not start to link back to you with one way links. If the content changes continually more and more traffic will be generated. In terms of use of time is it more valuable to seek out good quality links or to build the content that will increase your search engine rankings and probably result in more one way links long term anyway? I have content on one of my photography sites that is linked to from a PR 8 page one way text link. They like the content, they link back to me.

    For someone like me trying to actively seek out PR 8 links (especially one way) that would be a lot of time wasted. Personally I think it’s more valuable to build and reap the rewards down the line, killing two birds with one stone in a way.

    I am no expert in SEO though, just my opinion!;-) I post on valuable blogs like this in my free time because I enjoy it and if it can help my SEO a little too in the process – great stuff!

  24. I wish to thank Lawmacs first of all for sharing this much of great posts. Really, your articles give some great idea, suggestions & more. I don’t feel that link building is dead. However, SERP ranking doesn’t depends only on back links. So, link building is still alive.

  25. This very interesting post… But my answer of this question is not is pretty alive link building until now i’m still using link building to get high traffic and get more promotion into Google… Thanks for sharing this great article….

  26. I believe that Link building is the best way to make your site 1 into Google… Many bloggers still using this method today… That’s why I’m not believe that Link building is not deed… I’m proving it to my self and to my blog…

  27. I’ve always thinking that why this blog asking a question like what mention above. We know that most of many blogger using a link building… Because link building is the great way to get high traffic and promotion into Google… I’m sure readers will get follow of this unique idea of blogging… Thanks lawmacs you’ve shared me some unique idea and technique in blogging…

  28. The soul of my blogs is link building, That’s why my answer of the question above is not… I made a lot of advertising and link building in all of my site, and its really gave me high traffic every one of it….. This a new story of blogging thanks…

  29. Great content on your site will help you to have more traffic and probably be the #1 in Google! Anyways, thanks for sharing this with us!

  30. Who knows, you could be right or you could be wrong.. I guess we’ll never know the answer to that one.

    Insightful post, well worth the read…just amazing content you’re putting out over here…

  31. Hi Lawmacs, this is one of my many questions since 2012 enter. However I read a lot of articles that Link Building is not yet dead. There are new strategies to gain links and it also help to rank your site. Although I am not focusing on the ranking of my clients sites right now, I do a lot of article writing to gain backlinks. According to some article that I have read a couple of this ago, Churning out content is not blackhat or whitehat anymore, it’s old hat. To succeed in the SEO game you need to be one step ahead of the search engine, one step ahead of what all the other SEOs are doing. Writing articles WAS the new link building. What do you think about this?

    ~ Ashley

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