How-To: Social Media Marketing From Your Smartphone

With this boom in smartphones, it has become increasingly easier and convenient for professionals to manage their social media marketing activities from their smartphones. From Quad Core Processors, to gigabytes of storage, smartphones have become a mainstay of our day-to-day activities, be it business, pleasure, or both. Wondering how that is done? It’s easy. Regardless of where you are, you can easily manage your entire social media presence all from your phone, as long as you have access to the internet.

Social media marketing is all about managing your online presence, your online persona and interacting with the people that use your products or services. The bottom line is interacting with your customers, just how you would from your computer. Seeing how fast paced life is, you need to be online all the time so that you can keep up with your consumers.

1.       Integrated Mobile Dashboard Applications

The first thing you need to do is find a good, reliable application that serves as an integrated dashboard for all your social media accounts. Applications such as Seesmic, TweetDeck, or HootSuite are among the most popular. You can easily add in all your social media feeds and manage your online presence entirely from one application. Most such applications support Check-Ins and location tracking, as well as take, upload and tag photographs. You can also manage multiple pages, groups, and accounts.

Some also support scheduled updates and posts, and are excellent to organize, plan and publish to your social media accounts regardless of where you are.

2.       Blog Management Applications

Blogging and content management solutions such as WordPress or Blogger have become so popular that most people make their entire websites through them. Seeing this trend, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain a blog that you can integrate with your website, as well as social media. Luckily, both Blogger and WordPress both have dedicated applications that let you manage your blogs from your smartphone. They are great for posting content on the go, and give you pretty much all the features you can access on your computer. From scheduling posts, to uploading photos or videos, these apps do it all.

3.       Google Search Alerts

Google Alerts is a relatively new and very useful feature integrated into their search engine that notifies you via email, if something new pops up online, about your indicated keywords. This lets you know if someone is talking about your business or products online. This way, you can manage your communications more effectively and at the same time, address any criticisms or concerns accordingly. This will help you create a more positive persona online.

There are a number of applications available online, that let you manage your online presence, and let you communicate with your customers more effectively. Smartphones and tablet computers are excellent tools to manage your social media marketing because you can stay online all the time with them. Seeing how quickly social media moves, it is imperative that we are always online to manage our presence there. Damage control, pushing new products, and just communicating with your consumers becomes a lot easier if you use the right tools.

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  1. These are really great tips for social media market from phones . I am using goole search alert and it is really very very helpful Anyways thanks author for sharing this with us

  2. Hi,
    With the introduction of smart phones in our daily use, accessing internet has become more easy. More specifically, I would say the use of social media sites such as facebook and twitter from your smartphone I like the Google search alerts that you have said. It is definitely helpful. Thanks for the share!!.

    1. Not sure about you.. But for me, phone is for calling only. For internet I use lap-top or PC.
      Though I admit it’s getting more and more popular.

  3. Hello lawmacs,

    Thanks for this post. As a blogger myself i found it very help full.
    Its Hard to manage time. So using smart phone we can maintain our work. Thanks again

  4. These are great tips for smartphone users who also happen to be bloggers. Managing time effectively is important, and by using these tools you can manage your blog (or blogs) on the go from your phone. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. Very easy to follow with good content. We should take get hold of this post, read and implement the points outlined.

  6. Social media is very much an up and coming medium for marketing your company, products and services. Due to the spread in popularity of websites like Facebook and Twitter, your advertising message can be read right across the world, by thousands of people.

  7. I do agree with you. As our success in the social media marketing results in your presence. So difficult to sit before your pc everytime and doing work is not favour for all. Get ur smart phone now.

  8. Great post, as we know that online technology is running very advance. Smart phones came into existence so now it is very easy to access u r social media at any time and at any place. Sharing will become more easy than today’s usage.Thanks for the nice post…

  9. Hi Gary,

    Yes – Personally and professionally, Applications are one for the best ways to go. Especially if you tend to have the necessity of being mobile the largest part of your day – Then investing in some of the Apps there already is available is worth the effort and investment.

  10. I’m actually working on a custom iOS app to manage all of my own websites as well as client websites – there’s a lot of good stuff out there, but I’m creating an all-in-one package based on my needs… A big part of the app is going to be the SEO and marketing modules, which will ideally give health reports updated every hour.

  11. yes through this facilities we easily connect with social media sites for our smartphone and chat, upload photo, share, comment easily with our friends. and thanks for your information so that we know more about this topic…

  12. Social media marketinng through smartphones actually made ‘marketing’ easier and more convinient. All you need is a connection to the internet and you can perform all your activities without sticking to one place. Thanks to smartphones!

  13. The emergence of smartphones has made social media management easier and more convenient for blogger and business owners. This device allow people to check and update their accounts on different social media platforms even if they are away from their computer.

  14. Touch screens with glittery icons makes so many thing easy now a days in terms of connectivity rest Feeds are doing…Thanks for the great post mate

  15. has made social media management easier and more convenient for blogger and business owners. This device allow people to check and update their accounts on different social media platforms even if they are away from their computer.

  16. Social Media brought in Smartphones made the communication and marketing more accessible. It is now handy and less worry. These tips you have given has provided me more ideas and new things that i can do more with my resources. People should read this post of yours and make it productive. Thanks!

  17. Utilizing smartphones in managing your business’ social presence is a big help for many bloggers and business owners. As it allows them to access their network wherever they are and even they are away from their desktops.

  18. The popularity of smart phones and other advance mobile phones enhanced the communication between customers and businesses. It has not only revolutionized socialization but it has improved business and customer service as well.

  19. Other cool smartphone features such as the Qwerty Keyboard, connectivity type, Camera pixel and lots more are other trendy things that makes the difference

    Just as you have said, the integrated mobile dashboard is of a big role

  20. For Me “any smartphone” The most important thing is “it should have a good OS, high resolution camera and nice look”

  21. Without the smartphone I can’t manage even a while in a whole day But the War between Smartphones goes up to the new level in this 2013 year what do you say.

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