Social Media: Survey on New Age Marketing Tool

Social Media Success Summit held on 2009 announced that they have turned out as the best catalyst for business, and an intelligent tool for marketers. Marketers are indeed using social media in a number of ways and it is proving to be valuable.It is not only the big business but also the smaller ones who are getting useful reference point to explore new entrance in social media. Study, done recently through email, Facebook and blogs, concluded how social media is proving beneficial for marketing. To the amazement, it was found that 880 comments were received, among which 685 open-ended answers were.

Questions asked in the survey include:

• How social media network is popular for marketing?
• What experience users have gained?
• How much time users spend on the social sites for marketing?
• Which age group prefers social media the most?
• What benefits people accounts?
• Which social media is commonly used?
• Which social media will the marketers prefer to learn about?

Social media networking for marketers

As the survey was going on, loads of promising findings, got unveiled, and this further confirmed that this would continue to grow. 88% of marketers use social media networks and 81% of them reported to gain business exposure as a result. 72% among them, if experience is considered, are just beginners but largely benefited by social media.
Experience matters a lot

Taking into 88% respondents and their views who reported on social media networks, 30.2% sole proprietors has just begun their journey. Most experienced users were company owners that run on 2 to 100 employees and their percentage was 29.3%.
How much time social media consumes?
Survey says that 64% of respondents use social media 5 hours a week, whereas 39% reports on investing time on social media near about 10 hours a week. 9.6% uses social media for 20 hours a week. A small group who mentioned later has received immense reward for their investment of time; they are the ones who have claimed social media an intelligent marketing tool.

Age groups

People whose age lies between 30-39 yrs use social media for marketing. Next genre of age lies between 20-29 yrs and the next is 50-59 yrs. People who are investing time and more than twenty hours, within these age groups are 44.8%, 410.3% and 38.7% respectively.

Benefits received

81% of respondents who uses social media are finding amazing benefits to make their business attain the perfect ‘T’. Conversion rates of 61%, 56% new business partnerships, 525 rise in rank engines, 48% qualified sales leads, reduced marketing cost for 45% users, and 35% got benefitted in closing the business.
No users embossed their quantities evidence, which they experienced in search engine rankings or revenue, achieved through social media networking. However, what they encountered is really worthy of their business.

Preferred social networks

Twitter is the most acclaimed social media tool but if we consider the rank, we will view that.
Blogs contribute about- 79%, LinkedIn c0ntribute about- 78%, Facebook- 77%, YouTube/Video Sites-41% and Social Bookmarking sites- 38%. There are lot more like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit or similar and finally at the bottom lies Friendfeed. For beginners preferred choice is LinkedIn and Facebook. But around 94% of the users confirmed that twitter is their top choice.

Sites marketers prefer to learn about

As cyberspace is having a lot to explore, whenever people might enter a site, social media networking pops up anytime. is one such social media-networking site in which respondents are interested.
A vast percentage of social media marketing sites reported is using it as a marketing tool. Finally, if business gets time to commit in social media network marketing seems to pay off if we are able to judge correctly.
Author’s Bio: Emily Thompson is an outreach consultant is closely associated with outbound and inbound call center services. She works with acclaimed contact centers that are popular for their prompt services to appease both client and customer with quality outsourcing.

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  1. Today Social Media are the versatile tools to make a product viral and Google and Bing has considered links from Social networks for ranking of a site under a particular keyword.

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