Linking and SEO


May 10, 2009

Linking and gaining back links is an important part of search engine optimization. We are going to discuss 3 types of links today. We are going to look at linking, deep linking, and back links Linking is simply adding a hypertext link that leads from one site to another website. When we link out to other sites, we’re showing people that these sites should be seen, or that we may recommend them. If you are gaining links back to your site from another website, this is called back linking.

(1)Deep linking is linking to a page that is deeper in your website. Your home page would not be considered a deep link. A page such as an individual blog post, or a page not on the surface of your site is considered a deep link. In SEO, back links are vitally important in helping you gain better visibility for your website. When you work to acquire links for your website, this is called link building. Make no mistake about it, link building is extremely important, and people are paid good money to do this professionally!

When it comes to building your back links there are a few things to remember. First you want to build as many quality incoming links as possible. Do not waste your time on junk sites, or sites that are considered bad neighborhoods. An example of a bad site is a link farm, or a gambling or porn website.

(3)Another important thing when it comes to link building is to gain as many links that are relevant to your site. That means trying to stay on the same topic. If your site is about dogs, links coming from baseball sites aren’t relevant. The more incoming relevant, quality links you have, the better your website will do in the search engines.

If you have the ability to request how a site links to you, suggest that they link’s anchor text coming into you matches your primary keyword that describes your website. Another thing you might want to suggest is that they link using a deep link. Remember, a deep link is a link deeper than your home page. This is seen as desirable. When it comes to SEO, linking is very important.


13 thoughts on “Linking and SEO”
  1. I never understood google policy regarding backlinks.Google is very choosy in this matter.Why backlinks shown by google and yahoo is different?Deep linking is also good with other related websites in the same niche.

  2. Interesting post…most people don’t realize what linking is all about, they think it is as simple as putting a link on the sidebar…I thought the same thing until a fellow blogger explained it to me…

    Informative blog…

  3. Hi,
    To ensure that hyperlinks would have no SEO value when people left these types of spam comments on certain blogs, HTML NoFollow tags were created by Google in 2005.

  4. Hi,
    The ultimate goal in blog commenting should be to attract direct links to your site from popular bloggers because of your knowledge and reputation. This will have far more power because it will drive droves of targeted traffic to your website.

  5. I also find that with links, quality is better than quantity. Far better to spend time getting a single backlink from a respected, authoritative website, then getting hundreds of links from low quality, directory sites.

  6. I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  7. Good post related to search engine optimization . Various kinds of linking methods are explained very clearly. So bloggers need to be very careful while linking which really effects the traffic a lot…

  8. Internet is a competitive world of business. It can be cost-free or costly. It depends on how well you are in SEO. That is why SEO is important in building your boundless career. I do hope to get help in getting traffic for my site and this place seems right for it. Thanks a lot for these info and I hope you will keep on writing.

  9. Nice post.Link building is a important part in seo but we should mainly concentrating on high quality back links.1 high quality back links is equals to 100 low quality back links.Thanks for share more information with us.

  10. Informative post.Building back links is a part in search engine optimization(SEO).This is a important point “links that are relevant to your site”.Google always looking relevant content and content is king.Thanks for share such informative post with us.

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