Round Up #31

This is Sunday the day when most bloggers stay away from the internet this week we have two great post from Zarko over at practical Seo i do hope you enjoy these post and feel free to visit these blogs for further readings.The buzz is still in the air about Google + as it is said to reach over 20,000,000 users in about 24 days while face book and twitter both took more than 1000 days. Read the full article here at for more details by the way you can grab your badge to showcase your Google + followers here at Social statistics    

(1) Using Social Networks for Rankings in a Roundabout Way? – I just finished watching SEOmoz webinar with Eric Enge from and Rand Fishkin about ailing the link graph, and they have touched a lot of subjects from link spam, buying links to natural link building and of course social signals. Rand presented a slide where you can clearly see Danny Sullivan’s image next to results, due to rel=”author” and they talked about the increase in click through rate for that kind of results, which I agree with. But at that point something very obvious occurred to me, something that should have been obvious from the start.

(2)Email Marketing in the Age of Social Media – The buzz surrounding social media is hard to escape. With Google+ jumping into the fray the buzz has gotten even louder. The hype surrounding social media may help to explain the popular—though mistaken—notion that social media represents the best way forward for marketing. Don’t get me wrong. Facebook and Google+ are great platforms for tactically targeted messaging and brand exposure in social media marketing. Even though social media is altogether more sexy; good old fashioned email messaging will still form the backbone of effective marketing methods for the foreseeable future.

(3) Google’s Negative Ranking Factors – Whiteboard FridayBy now you’ve heard about SEOmoz’s study of Google ranking factors, but what about negative ranking factors? Sure, positive factors such as the correlations between social media shares and higher rankings earn a lot of attention – and they should. Smart SEOs look at all the factors, including those at the bottom of the list! Today we look at negative ranking factors – those SEO characteristics correlated with lower rankings – and how to avoid them.

(4) Choosing free themes for blog over paid premium themes – The important things to consider Content is the King…as we all say and it is so very right. But there is one more thing which is equally more important and that is – design. I am sure you all agree to the same. In fact, nothing fascinates me more than a beautifully laid out design. And all these years, I have been trying out to put the same effect to this blog as well. Don’t know how do you all find it but to be very honest, I find this design quite appealing. Couldn’t have hoped for anything better from a free theme like this. Though not feature packed yet it looks very striking from the design point of view…!

(5) Bloggers Wanted to Lead Blog Collaborations – Until now, many bloggers have focused on expanding their skills at blogging and using Social Media. What we need to do now is to put together collaborations of bloggers by niche and location.Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a leader or even an early adopter – but many reading this are. Maybe you believe there are others with more experience or talent. I have found that the brightest are often the most modest and under-appreciate their own abilities.

That is it for Round Up This week hope you enjoyed the post and remember sharing is caring so feel free to retweet and let me know if there is a post you think is worth sharing here.


8 thoughts on “Round Up #31”
  1. Wonderful share bro especially those Google+ statistics. I really liked it. I will try adding the same to my blog. Thanks and many thanks again for sharing my link. Hope it was useful and informative. Keep blogging and enjoy your weekend…!

  2. Mostly bloggers keep their Sunday away from internet but as a newbie i really work hard on weekend also. your post is very nice and informative. thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. I really appreciate this article that you have shared with us Lawmacs, this is quite useful.specially when blogging. it is so much fun in blogging but the problem is some users or blogger shares too many out bound links, is there any way we can avoid this?

  4. very good article Which help the website owner or bloggers to Consider the facts of Ranking factor ,social networking site share ,theme choosing and also email marketing etc .

  5. I wonder how good they can tell the negative ranking factors but maybe it’s the same way that everyone can tell the positive ones. I have had many websites punished without any given reason so I’m sceptical to all stories like that.

  6. Number of factors are to be considered while hosting a website or blog.Starting from blog design,search engine ranking proper planning and effort should be carried out.All the positive and negative sides should be checked out.You have to minimize the security threat and server problems.

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