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This is the time for Round our Sunday features post from around the web showcasing great articles from different bloggers.These are articles that will and should benefit every bloggers as they are post that are worth sharing. with you all. Last week i mentioned Google + and it seems that it is gaining popularity by the day and more and more users are heading over there. many of us as used it and i wonder what the future will be with this new and innovating tool by Google. In the past they started lots of other products and discontinue them to me it looks like Google got this one right.  

(1) Facebook bans Google+ adIngenuity is surely something to be admired. Commercial ingenuity is something to be revered.Sometimes, though, it seems that certain tech companies only revere their own ingenuity. That seems to be the case with Facebook, which, as reported by TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld, has removed a piece of fine commercial ingenuity from its site. App developer Michael Lee Johnson, conscious of the need to be big on Google+ or be nobody, wondered what the best way to levitate his Google+ circles might be. He hit upon a fine idea: he placed an ad on Facebook. It was a simple thing that was headlined: "Add Michael to Google+." The copy read: "If you’re lucky enough to have a Google+ account, add Michael Lee Johnson, Internet Geek, App Developer, Technological Virtuoso." If those words weren’t enough to persuade Facebook users that Johnson was a must for their Google+, he added a fine picture of himself wearing a jaunty cap.

(2) Scalable Link Building Plan for Corporate WebsitesIn the natural world and history of big corporations, monopolizing smaller businesses is one of the most conventional wisdoms that they all perceive as a key to progressively succeed in their own respective industries. That business outlook can surely work and bring in just about the same results when it comes to link building. Large businesses have the biggest advantage when competing for search engine ranking positions, given that they have the funds to size up the reach and efficiency of their online marketing campaigns.

(3) The Importance of Google Ranking Your Blog- Page Rank is an important metric use to measure how important Google Rankings Web page is; it’s important for all blogs and is a never-ending task that you will always have to work on improving. Your Page Rank can be up one part of the year and down the other, so it’s really important to keep up with it and the content on your blog. Page Rank is primarily determined by how many other Web pages are linking to you (back links) and how much value they add to your site. Thus, a back link with more credibility will add more value to your Page Rank than those with less credibility.

(4) How To: Make Your Blog Worth Reading- There are several articles being written that encourage readers to write blog posts. This article or blog post writing is a source of income for many and is considered as the passive income and many have earned a lot from this way of writing. But this should also be kept in mind that these articles can sometime be misleading. Sometimes people do not see the thin line between motivating and deceiving.

(5) 4 Ways to Make Money with eBooksI’ve never considered myself a “mom-blogger,” because I got into the online world as a web content writer. Quickly developing a grasp of basic SEO and technical skills, I created a residual income in my spare time that grew from guilt-free-pizza-nights to covering the mortgage during my maternity leave with my third baby.What I want to share is how I used eBooks to grow that revenue even further during the year my fourth child was born and I began homeschooling.

That is all for this week’s Round Up lets hope you enjoy these post and feel free to visit and read the entire articles on the respective blogs.Please share this on your favourite networking websites and share your thoughts on this post.


19 thoughts on “Round Up #30”
  1. Great sharing as ever. Especially the first one – Facebook bans Google+ ad..LOL..the battle continues. I am looking forward to the same. Keep it up and have a nice week..!!

    1. Thanks Aswani that is what Round up is all about sharing of information of great post and as you notice that link the first one cannot be shared on Facebook it has been flagged.

  2. Interesting share 🙂 like the first link the most,Facebook bans Google+ ad.

    Let us see how it goes as Google+ will have to go a long way to compete with Facebook.

    1. Google + seems to be heading in the right direction i think this time Google has get it right and lets wait and see what it has to offer facebook will always be facebook

  3. I was (and still am) skeptical of Google+ as Google seems to juggle so many projects and just take everything on at once and a lot of stuff ends up being kind of half-baked… However, I am noticing that everyone I know is slowly appearing on Google+, day after day in a slow trickle. And I agree with you that it seems like Google has done it right this time and developed something great, rather than just good or okay like a number of their past side-projects.

    1. Hi Fred we all will have our sketical ideas about Google has in the past it started lots of project and abondant them along the way lets wait and see as the site gets bigger what directions it will take.

    1. I like the way you put it however they are two seperate entities and both will have their followers and FaceBook will always FaceBook and Mr Google will hold its on as it has the financial power to push this site all the way.

  4. I am still not buying into Google+; they’ll have to stay in business for a lot longer than they have thus far for me to spend time there.

    1. Hi Ana Welcome to my blog it is a pleasure to have you here. i do support you in your comment Google needs to show that they are serious about social networking as they have missed the opportunity to be a part of it.

    1. Hi Bishwajeet thanks for stopping by and add you voice to the debate here and i am happy that you find the links of use and benefit to other readers. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I am noticing that everyone I know is slowly appearing on Google+, day after day in a slow trickle. And I agree with you that it seems like Google has done it right this time and developed something great.

    1. That is true the flow of followers are getting bigger by the minute and at the moment i believe that Google+ is still in its beta stage just imagine when it goes public.

  6. Hi! Yes, it seems that Google+ is building up to be a serious contender in the social networking battle. Last I heard, members are approaching the 20M mark. That’s still a long way to go but most users are really liking the circles feature.

    I like the no.1 link. It was a brave thing albeit a naughty one that Michael pulled on Facebook.
    Thanks for sharing the links!

    1. You are right Google seems to be hitting the market hard this time but the only concern is that it might be a little too late but i think Google has thrown the challenge to FaceBook even its owner is using it now.

  7. Page A is assumed to link to all pages in the web because it has no outgoing links….PageRank is a algorithm named after and used by the Internet that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a of documents such as the with the purpose of measuring its relative importance within the set. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is referred to as the PageRank of E and denoted by PR E ..The name PageRank is a of Google and the PageRank process has been .

  8. Eventually google with win its the power house I think they have a good chance of winning since they practically own all the traffic sure there is yahoo and bing but really google is like microsoft with software there are others but microsft is still the power house

  9. Large businesses maintain their reputation in the market through the Internet page ranking. How large the business is, it’s getting that much of advantage while competing for search engine ranking. For instances Google+. It has doubled the speed of its growth by giving its Ad on one of the best top ranked Social Networking Site known as Facebook.

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