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July 10, 2011 , ,

I guess every one is getting back to normal after the recent Google page rank update and with all those who get invite to Google + new Social Networking websites. i had an invite i really like the site and i think it has a future. There are many articles out there making the comparison between Facebook and Google +. What are your views on this new social networking website do you think it has a place or is it a little too late for Google to make any in roads into the social networking world? Share your thoughts, in the mean time here is Round Up.

(1) Unique Root Domains and SEO – SEO experts often perform massive studies of the Web, trying to figure out what the best way to rank on Google actually is. Dozens of theories have been proposed, and they change as Google changes its algorithm. A decade ago, it was Page Rank that seemed to be all-important; a short time after that it was the total authority of your incoming link funnel. But through all of it, there has been one attribute that has been the most consistent in matching up well with your Google rank: the number of unique root domains that your page has incoming links from…

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(2) Empowering Search Vol. 3 – My CircleWelcome to my third edition of curated /roundup post series. This volume is a short one and will be highlighting the recent updates and works from my circle (those that I communicate with over the web) and also some other cool posts, which I think are worth sharing. I will be contributing regularly (as a blogger) to Traffic Travis and Affilorama’s blog so you might want to check them out as I will be sharing more SEO-related posts there weekly/monthly. I was also invited by Technorati to be a contributor on their business channel and I’ll be publishing posts there every month. Here are some from the past few weeks….

(3) Why Your Internet Marketing Won’t Make Money Without a Brand!- Internet entrepreneurs all have goals in place. The problem is that their goals may not generate them any money. One of their primary obsessions is generating traffic to their website. Instead, they should be focusing on building a brand for their business and targeting the right audience.Don’t get me wrong. Traffic is very important when you are generating an online presence. You can’t generate sales if no one comes to your site. The problem is that traffic itself doesn’t guarantee sales either.

(4) Google+ versus Facebook – The race to dominate online social networkingLong back while I was surfing through Google news, I was caught by an interesting heading – Is Google planning to launch its own social network? Well, we all knew one fact – Google was ruling web especially being the search engine leader and reaping benefits from its online advertising programs but unfortunately it was nowhere when it came to social networking. Probably one could say that Google attempted to foray into social networking with the launch of Google Wave and then later, Google Buzz. But then it was never to be the same…!

(5) Google Social Network, Google+ Real-Life SharingUndoubtedly, the “buzz” of the moment is the announcement of the Google+ project, probably one of Google’s most ambitious plan to get into the “wave” of social networking. Being an issue that could generate a very big impact in the near future, I obviously, started to scour to web about the subject matter and already found many “people” giving opinions about the project. Needless to say that some says it will be a “flop”, some saying it will “kill” Face Book and some goes as far as saying that it will be no where close to being a Face Book competitor…

That is it for this week’s Round Up i do hope you enjoy this week’s selection and hare a great week ahead. Thanks for stooping by and feel free to share this post. So What’s next? join me on twitter or download the free E-Book Internet Marketing.


24 thoughts on “Round Up # 29 Your Sunday Post”
  1. Yes you right Lawmacs Google fail every theory of easy and hit all the sites by changing there algorithm recently advancement in algorithm in Google panda make many sites effected specially Google not give importance to Google ad-sense sites on search engine.

    1. The Panda update hit everyone but there are tjose who benefit from it tremendously and some even believe that the update was afair one. thanks for your input.

  2. I really don’t like the new “buzz” about +1 and GOOGLE. It’s just keeping us all doing a new thing really. I found you on You have a splendid and informative site. Thanks, I love to learn new things.

    1. Hi Jackie wlcome to my blog and i do hope to have you around more often i have visited your blog love the content. thanks to you for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  3. Hi Gary, thanks for the mention.

    My thoughts on Google+? I love it and I have to admit that I believe that there is a chance for it to be a big hit. The reason why I think that it is going to be great is because I just like anyone else uses a lot of Google products. Seeing all this in one interface while having all the good s for sharing is big thing to me. And that is it, I think that Google+s if more for productivity and sharing… and not “social networking” per se.

    1. I agree with you Ditesco i too believe that Google has got it right this time the site layout looks great and clean lets see what happen after the site goees public

  4. Wooow!! You made me happy again. I am glad to see you share it here. I hope it was useful and informative. Btw, I am in praise of Google for this new innovation. I wasn’t expecting it honestly but anyways, this has been an exciting surprise for me and lot others…I believe so. I am loving it but still, I think Google+ is far behind the present king of social networks, facebook. A lot is to be done and hopefully, we may see Google+ on top in near future..!

    1. Hi Bro that is the spirit of Round Up you write the great post i share them here and yes you are right Google is far behind facebook and Google itself admits that they missed out on the social networking boom but lets wait and see

    1. Thanks Jason your posts are always inspiring and have high quality and will always be showcase here. have a great week Jason and thanks to you too for the mention.

  5. I think Google+ is a good first start. Now the hard part is innovating on top of that sound foundation.

    1. Thanks for you inpu Jy Google+ looks good and is heading in the right directions lets hope it gets the results Google is looking for and is not another failed project.but at hind sight it looks promising.

  6. I just used Google+. The interface is good but i dont think it can beat facebook on social networking.

    1. Ltes wait and see what Google has to offer with its new Social Networking website it looks promising at th emoment but knowing google if they don’t get the results they need they might just pull the plug.

  7. Thanks a lot for writing this article, it gives me some light regarding the research that I am doing right now. I am just wondering if you have more articles like this one, and if possible that you can contribute to my new blog. Keep up the good work! God bless!

    1. Hi Gio Knights thanks for your input i am glad that you find the post of interest however i am hoping that you will be back to participate further and yes i do write guest posts.

    1. There is no doubt that facebook is the best Social netwoking website around however i believ that Google will get its ahre of the market people like me will have both accounts.

  8. Google + is very useful but need some improvements to compete Facebook. your post is very nice and informative about Google+

  9. Google is really trying their best to compete with facebook . The site layout looks better and let’s see how when this goes to the public.

  10. Great round up! Facebook is one of the best social networking sites that is most probably use in network marketing that’s why Google are doing their best to compete Facebook.

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