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September 18, 2011 , , ,

Sunday Post is here featuring some brilliantly written articles from around the web  to share with my readers Sunday is a day most bloggers stay off the web but i love to blog on Sunday. Round up features interesting articles from blogs i visit and found to be of use both to me and my readers. The good thing about this post is that it helps to promote other blog posts and at the same time giving exposer and backlinks to the author of those blogs whose post are referred to here. There is one more thing to remember and that is you can be a part of this great feature by writing great and informative articles and let me know .about them and they will get mentioned here. That it sit back and enjoy these five post and feel free to visit the blog and read the full article.

(1) How to Innovate New SEO Strategies Using eBay Why is SEO innovation crucial? Finding strategies and techniques that are not standardized pieces of SEO knowledge gives you a major tactical advantage. These are the kind of advantages you can build a business on because it creates a barrier to entry between you and your competitors.

(2) Word press most amazing facts and stats info graphic – The phenomenal growth of Word press as the world’s best CMS It is almost an end to this year now. Still then, I haven’t been in a position to go with my decision to have my blog shifted to Word press. No doubt, Blogger has been great for me but anyways, Word press is what people have been preferring the most. This again is very much clear from what I am going to showcase here below. Below is an info graphic, a very creative one with some very amazing and interesting stats on Word press.

(3) The Most Important Content Online (If You Want Sales) Let me cut to the chase right now, social proof is what people are looking for online when it comes to purchasing products or services. Customer Reviews and testimonials are the number one incentive for potential clients to choose a business. Customers choose businesses that have happy customers and share their stories. What you say about yourself as a business doesn’t matter as much as what others say about you.

(4) 5 Popular Word Press Plugins You Need to Ditch Now!We all want to speed up our blogs and one of the easiest ways to do that is by removing Word Press Plugins that impact load speed, and provide little value for our readers. Personally I have nothing against any of these plugins or their developers.Get rid of those pesky Word Press Plugins And as far as I know, each one of them does a fine job of living up to expectations in terms of functionality and purpose. But quite frankly, in the grand scheme of things, we can certainly live without them.

(5) Affiliate Marketers: How to Bypass an Opt In Page It’s been awhile since I’ve created a video. So here’s one that’s specifically designed to help increase your affiliate commissions. An annoying thing about being an affiliate marketer is being forced to send traffic to opt-in page. In my opinion, this often decreases the money you can make from a product. Here are a few reasons why: You’ve worked hard to presell the product not the opt-in page. You’ve already sent people to the opt-in page You know the product owner will steal your commissions by promoting other affiliate offers in their follow-up sequence (Yes…some do that!) You know the opt-in page doesn’t convert.

That’s it for round for this week and for all you IPhone lovers who are wants to protect your phone here is a post you should read Protect iPhone From Water


15 thoughts on “Round Up #37 Sunday Post”
  1. Thanks so much again for the share. Almost getting ready for the shift, facing some financial concerns. Anyways, I am hopeful of making it finally. May be at the end of this year or in the first week of January, the next year…surely. Keep writing. Have a nice week..!

  2. Love number 4. I am also boggled why so many bloggers are incorporating Facebook comments on their posts when there is a plugin that allows blogger to import Facebook comments to their blog without the lengthy loading problem associated with the Facebook comments plugin.

  3. WordPress is a great platfrom for SEO marketing.Who need increase tarrif for their site they can follow your information.Your thinging platfrom is valuable,thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing another great post on sunday and I appreciate the way you have covered up different subject in one of the post.

  5. Wonderful blog thanks for the time you took for sharing this blog keep posting and I am her to encourage you.

  6. Lucrative business… It’s not a dream! Thanks to your post, I understand, that Internet SEO tools are everywhere. I couldn’t imagine that eBay have relation to SEO… Thanks for cognitive post! Hope it will have a progressive influence!

  7. Thanks for placing bigger points of SEO and online marketing! Yes, content is really kind in SEO I would say..

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