Sunday Post Round Up #36


September 11, 2011 , ,

This is another Round Up for this week still not back up to speed with my blogging and have notice that Google seems to have another one of those page rank update. However the blogging goes on and as bloggers we all know that hard work and dedication pays off and the more we pay attention to our blog the better the end results will be. This weeks’ Round Up features five post that i want to share with you all. I do hope that all these post interest you all. I am particular love the title of number one which ties in nicely with the page rank chances.

(1) How Google Works: Why Does Crappy Website Rank Higher Than Mine? – How exactly has Google PageRank become the accepted standard by which we measure our websites? If you take a look at Google’s Technology Overview, you’ll see that it points to relevance as the primary ingredient of how search engine results are ordered. So why are countless posts being written on PageRank and yet no one seems to be talking about relevance?.I truly believe it’s because PageRank comes as a number – it can be easily measured, explained, and presented; not so much with relevance. However, just because PageRank is easy to track, it doesn’t mean that it accurately represents how well your site should rank in search engine results.

(2) Does Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy Suck?As you know, I talk a lot about affiliate marketing on this blog. It’s how I make the bulk of my income – So I know it’s a profitable business model. Unfortunately some people aren’t successful when they try it. In this guest post, Jeevan shows how a bad affiliate marketing strategy might be holding you back… you know why people like affiliate marketing? Because it is one of the best ways to make money through Internet.

(3)The Importance of Content and Branding in an Online Business World I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 years now and have done everything from selling items on EBay to Affiliate Marketing. I started around the spring of 2011 and if there’s anything I’ve learned throughout the process of starting an online business and running my blogs is that content AND branding mean EVERYTHING. Don’t believe me? Here are a few things to consider.

(4)SEO: Power of the Front Page – To gain online visibility and traffic, getting into the first page of Google rankings is very much important. If your website fails to make it to the Google’s first page, then your chances of getting found are pretty slim. Many studies suggest that web surfers don’t like to click the second page of the search results. They abandon the search and begin a new search by rephrasing the search term.

(5) Google has Acquired Zagat the Most Influential and Trusted Consumer ReviewsGoogle is rocking the online business world everyday with inspiring stuff, well.. Google is actually the business! Google increased their influence Thursday when they purchased Zagat and jumped into a large niche web market. Zagat is popular dining recommendations and ratings authority, the most influence and trusted consumer reviews, Zagat actually polls consumers and compiles reviews about restaurants around the world, Zagat was founded more than 32 years ago.

That is it for this weeks Round Up i hope that you find the post interesting and please feel free to visit the blogs and read the full post. Sharing is caring


7 thoughts on “Sunday Post Round Up #36”
  1. I like so much your post that ( Google has Acquired Zagat the Most Influential and Trusted Consumer Reviews ) . I am new to your blog but i look here that your are make so much of useful things here .

  2. That was a great round-up. I had missed all those posts above and now I would check them all. Thanks for this one.

  3. Thanks for posting various links and I have already gone a couple of links. The information is awesome and I think it is useful for all the bloggars especially new bloggars.

  4. Affiliated marketing is easiest way to earn online money. This is a great idea and I need some affiliate more links. Affiliated marketing has joined unparalleled growth in current time.

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