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October 23, 2011 , ,

Sunday Post Round Up running behind scheduled this week missing one from the week before as my busy scheduled did not allow me to write a Round Up from last week seems like i am enjoying too much sun here in the Caribbean however here are five great post featured in this week’s round up hope you enjoy them and feel free to visit the website and read the full article. I must say thanks to all those who guest post here and also all my readers for their wonderful comments. it is much appreciated. Sit back and enjoy these wonderful articles.

(1)Branding in SEO – The Big Shift in Online Marketing The strength of a brand is considerably the backbone of most successful businesses, may it be on or offline, given that it has the ability to signify a certain organization’s true value and edge which separates it from its competitors. The search industry has provided businesses worldwide with immeasurable potentials and growth in the past decade. As the Internet industry grows, users’ behaviours tend to mature as well, in which search engines are left with no other options but to constantly evolve in order to further improve the experience they are providing to their users when seeking for information over the web – such as authorships, rich snippets for search listings, personalized and localized results.

(2)15+ Best iPhone 4S Apps Worth Installing iPhone 4S is now available in various stores of US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Japan from 14th October. If you have grabbed your new iPhone 4S then you can try installing the best iPhone 4S Apps from the list mentioned below. You may like: Transfer Data From Old iPhone To New iPhone 4S (How To) iPhone 4S Apps which are worth installing: 1. Facebook: Facebook is a must have free app for social freaks.Facebook app for iPhone lets you to stay connected with your friends and family by sending messages/starting a chat, going through status updates.The new version comes with enhanced security.

(3)Google Goes Deep with Flow Analytics Google steps up to the plate once again to give its users what they want by making some of it’s Google Analytics a little prettier and easy to understand. This time they have provided a clearer visualization of how visitors flow through the pages on your website with their new tool called “Flow Visualization.” Susan J. Wojcicki and Phil Mui announced at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday, that the new tool will create a more visual way for users to find and analyze these analytics by the use of more graphical data.

(4)How to Get Higher Ranking in Facebook Search – Most people do not know about Facebook search ranking due to which not many people are paying attention to optimizing their Facebook search. This in fact provides a golden opportunity for you to make your Facebook page number one on the search. Facebook is an important way of marketing for your products so better rank on the search means that more people will be likely to like your fan page. You may also increase the rank of your profile on Facebook search.

(5) Selling Ice Cubes to EskimosThe saying “he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos” is usually said with one part envy and one part disdain. The ability to sell, whether it be your services, your company’s products or an idea is an important skill and people that do it well are often very successful. It’s one of the most essential skills of an entrepreneur but I believe it’s a skill that everyone could benefit from improving. That’s because on the most basic level, “selling” is just enrolling someone in a course of action that you would like them to take. This applies as much to convincing your family or friends to go to Cancun for a vacation as it does to convincing a prospect that they should buy from you.

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20 thoughts on “Round Up #40 Late News”
  1. Facebook search ranking provide good stuff for you and make your facebook page number one on the search, facebook is a important way to improved your business, product, branding etc. if people will like your fan page then you may increase the rank of your profile on the Facebook search.

  2. Higher ranking in facebook is new for me…lol I heard of high ranking in google only. Thanks for adding to my knowledge, no doubt it is an excellent post

  3. I hear you loud and clear. I’m still figuring out how to make my email list better. I will have to check out some of the posts you linked too. Nice article, thanks for sharing the info.

  4. have you ever thought of having a sunday round up where your readers can submit links that they find funny/interesting? I think that would be a great feature for you.

  5. your blog has enspired me loads, i think i can, i quote “sell ice cubes to an eskimo” so whatch this space, will let you know how i get on…..enjoy Cancunbythe way

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