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April 15, 2012 , ,

Round UpRound up this week features lots of different types of articles but although not mentioned in a post Word press has launched it 3.4 beta updates for testing. That said I run a blog that is powered by a thesis which seems to be lagging behind with a major update it makes me wonder since the departure of one of its founder it seems to be not carrying much wait with a few know bloggers not using it much anymore it may worth it to read the reviews over on famous

Thesis Theme Review: Why I Give it 3 out of 5 while I am a fan of the theme framework I believe that you should have strong support and fast updates. That is it for the thesis have a read Round is here.

Round Up

(1) The Ultimate Word Press Mega Bundle Giveaway Today I’m really excited to announce the mega bundle giveaway of Premium Word Press Themes, Plugins, and online business products that help you grow your blog. We have gathered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Word Press goods from the Word Press and Internet Marketing community who have graciously agreed to donate their products, themes, plugins, and services as prizes.

(2) Tactics vs. Strategies – Which Marketing Approach Do YOU Focus On?The marketing field is filled with jargon, as it seems all would-be sales gurus make up their own set of terms and acronyms to differentiate themselves from the pack. Yet the world of marketing language offers nothing more confusing than those pairs of apparently identical words that actually represent radically different concepts.

(3) Does your browsing speed make you go hopping mad?Whenever my browsing speed goes down my blood pressure rises. I am sure this happens to everyone. If this were the case shouldn’t you ensure that your blog or website download speed is fast if not blazing quick? Perhaps this is the reason Google search also calculates the download speed of your web page uses it as a factor in ranking your site. Which factors contribute to browsing speed and how can ensure faster downloads?

(4) The State of IT SecurityThis is an infographic that you should see if you love infographics then this is a must-see. Head on over to the see site you may also check this other infographic What Our Phones Can Reveal About Us ……

(5) 10 Most Common Uses for iPads in Reality – Before the launch of the first-generation iPad, Apple touted the new device’s ability to revolutionize workplace productivity as a forerunner in the much-hyped tablet platform. Since the first announcement from Apple to unveil the product, the device has been revamped into the iPad 2 with a third-gen offering in the works. Despite the high-minded intentions of many early adopters of the technology, here are ten of the things the iPad is most commonly used for.

(6) Facebook Acquires Instagram – Backup Instagram Photos Users are worried as to what will happen to the Photos which they have shared on Instagram. If you are also worried about the Photos in Instagram then it is a safe option to back up the data as with Facebook acquisition Instagram is not going to be the same.

That is Round Up features for this week hope you enjoy the post find them useful and share and retweet help spread the word who knows it might be you next week.


12 thoughts on “Round Up Week 15 The Best WordPress and Thesis”
  1. What a great post! I really enjoyed. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. I Learned most From Your Site.

  2. I’ve read the Thesis Theme Review on famous bloggers already. Nice Round Up Post can’t wait to check them all out.

  3. I like the thesis theme but only thing which i am waiting for in its new update is some more widget options for placement of some advertising 🙂
    thanks for the nice review

  4. Nice read on the browser speed post. I never knew Google took speed into account!

    You only really notice your browser speed when it’s slow. I guess this is why it is overlook as an important factor.

  5. Yeah it’s true that downloading speed of a webpage is a factor in ranking a website. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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