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Round UpSunday is the day when lawmacs presents Round Up a featured rich post that highlights and showcase other post from around the web. Round this week brings you six great post that you might have missed. Many of us writes or accept Guest Post at some point in our blogging career so i would refer you to have a look at article number 3 it is about guest posting. We all know that have a fast loading website is necessary as this can sometimes drive visitors away. That is all for this week feel free to visit all the relevant websites/blogs to read the full article please feel free to share on your favourite networking websites.

(1) What to do When Link Building is not enough to Outrank Competitors Winning the SERPs is getting tougher these days, as search engines are getting more intelligent along its continuous evolution, plus the fact that bigger sites/brands in most industries are investing more and monopolizing this area to intensify their marketing efforts and capacity to generate leads to their businesses. Today’s version of Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of processes and factors, unlike before that it’s mostly focused on how the site is optimized to easily be understood by search engines, and on how search engines can assess the site’s popularity/authority based on the site’s link graph – a process which what most of us call “Link Building”…..

(2)Google Augmented Reality Glasses Makes Public Debut – Google revealed its Project Glass augmented reality glasses earlier this week.Google had also posted a demo video on Project Glass and asked for feedback.With augmented reality glasses you can make video calls, voice calls,take pictures, find real-time weather updates and much more. The glasses are sleek and according to The New York Times’s Nick Bilton- “pair of wrap-around glasses with a clear display that sits above the eye.” With the glasses set on the bridge of your nose via small pads, a clean Google UI is then integrated directly over your vision. Bilton says there are “dozens” of models, including variations that can “sit over a person’s normal eyeglasses.”….

(3)Guest Posting Doesn’t Build Character, It Reveals One! – People are drawn to other people who have great many positive attributes; People who have character. And this is no different in blogging. Writing a blog or guest posting on another guy’s blog entails us to pour out our thoughts for all the world to see, and this act of expression reveals more of our character than we think possible. Blogging reveals this character and it would be disastrous to ever lose your readership simply because you lack the character, the drive that they want to see (or read) over and over again when they click their bookmarks on to your site. Character is more than just passion, however, and character, as far as the blogosphere is concerned, isn’t about optimism: you can be the most bitter movie reviewer or social analyst and people will still love you for it. ….

(4)How to Not Design Beautiful Ineffective Landing Pages Today, landing pages are a must have: web designers and marketers use them to give visitors a quick, effective, and possibly engaging first-visit experience on their websites. Every time you read about landing pages and advertising, experts say that you must design your landing page according to the advertising message: never ever send people to your homepage when they click on your advertising. A lot of great tools are born for landing pages design and A/B testing too. They are totally visual tools, presentation oriented, and very easy to use, so anybody with a landing page idea can implement it. However, being so presentation oriented can be an issue instead of an advantage. ….

(5)How To Build A Fast Word Press Site, with Minimal Investment If you are blogging for business, these are numbers that should certainly concern you, and proves without shadow of doubt why site speed is so important to the success of your business blog. The repercussions of a slow-loading website can be detrimental in so many ways, that it could affect everything from your conversion rate to brand perception, among other things. And we are not even talking about the collateral damages a slow site can cause on your websites rankings on search results…..

(6)10 Big Predictions for the Future of Law School In its current state, legal education and the legal profession are not as close as you might think, in a system where law students engage in an overwhelmingly scholarly pursuit rather than professional education. This arrangement has worked for many years, but some experts say a change is coming, fuelled by a declining economy, ultra-competitive job market, and the growing need for practice-ready legal graduates. We’ve found 10 interesting predictions for the future of law school, from no-frills law degrees to law schools with Enron-style accounting. Read on for an interesting look into what might represent the law school of the future. ….

That is all for the Round Up feature for this week


10 thoughts on “Round Up Week 14”
  1. wow! this is AWESOME! i like it so much . the post are really great ..oh this is such a great help for me.

  2. I love the google glasses. What a futuristic concept! But…I don’t think they will ever make it to market with this version. It’d be too annoying having a HUD on all the time over your normal, everyday, objects.

    Perhaps a droid version would make sense…hmm 🙂

  3. I can’t rid my eyes reading your blog. Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I like the linky one you’ve posted.

  4. I get to check your blog from time to time to see if there are any helpful posts for me. This week, I’m so glad I did! I’m really bothered with my site’s traffic these days and the post ” What to do When Link Building is not enough to Outrank Competitors” is so useful. I understood that SEO different from SEO some years back. I think, if I want to gather enough traffic, I should really focus on improving the content.

  5. I really liked the post How To Build A Fast WordPress Site. I’ve never been iBlogZone before; thanks for the recommendation. He had some very useful posts and the CloudFlare tip he provided in the post you like to above is right on; at least based on my experience with the service.

  6. “What to do When Link Building is not enough to Outrank Competitors” — this article is a great guide for people who are just new in internet marketing but wishes to create a sound brand on the web.

  7. Project Glass still needs a lot of work. But I don’t want to be skeptical about this. I am always a pro-innovation, I only hope that this will really benefit people.

  8. In today’s SEO practices, link building is not enough to rank websites for search engine results page. Inbound marketers should now employ various tactics, especially on the use of other methods like social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

    Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates have put more weight on a website’s content. The search engine crawlers now give more credit on the originality and quality of a page’s content. Moreover, duplicate contents are penalized from ranking up in the results page.

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