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January 29, 2012 , ,

This is Sunday Post Round Up for another week featuring some interesting post from around the world wide web. Round Up gather post from my readers and features them here if you notice any interesting post during your logging journey please feel free to email the link to me and i will feature them here. Round Up is my Sunday feature where i focus and giving back to the blogging community  for there support. here are five featured post for you to enjoy. Remember that sharing is caring and feel free to mention this article on all your favourite social networking and social bookmarking websites.

(1)  A blogger’s decision to sell his blog for lump sum cashA question for my blog readers – Have you ever been approached by any person who is interested in buying your blog? Have you ever thought of selling your blog and if yes then what really made you think on the same? And if not then why shouldn’t you be selling your blog ? Eventually money has to come anyway, either your carry on your blogging with a hope to see people visiting in huge numbers on your blog and being kind enough to click on your ads or affiliate links which eventually keeps money pouring in. This surely doesn’t happen overnight and instead requires continuous involvement, dedication and commitment to pursue your blogging goals. It may take a year or two to see those results and when it happens, nothing looks more satisfying then. Well, I am still to reach that satisfaction level but anyways, what if I had sold this blog.

(2) Sync Chrome Bookmarks With iPhoneWant to sync Chrome bookmarks with iPhone? Google Chrome is a widely used desktop browser but however there is a lack of app to sync its bookmarks, open tabs and history from your desktop to iPhone while you are on go. However, the guys at Macstories have reported that have come up with an app which will enable you to sync Chrome history,bookmarks and tabs right from your desktop to iPhone and other idevices.

(3) How to Increase Website Conversion Rates with Derek Halpern – If you thought my quest to increase my website conversion rate ended with the last post on conversion optimization, you don’t know me really well.I decided to get an extra pair of eyes to take a look at Traffic Generation Cafe and tell me what I was doing wrong and, hopefully, right. And not just ANY pair of eyes mind you, but someone who knows what he is talking about (most of the times) and is not afraid to give it to me straight.

(4)  Google’s Policies & Principles: Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service – All Google users should. I’m aware that Google Friend Connect (GFC) widget will no longer be supported on non-blogspot blogs but there are more great things to expect. The general Google policy aims to: – make it easier to work across Google. Simplicity is the key. While Google keep sending reminders about product policies and terms of services, it is easy to overlook some emails and notes. Some people also tend to forget their usernames and password. But with the new policy, merging has lots of rewards, too.

(5) THE 40 BEST IPAD APPS FOR YOUNG LEARNERS The best way to get your parents to buy you expensive gadgets has always been to really sell the educational value. “But Mom, if you buy me a Nintendo, think about how much my spelling will improve playing Wheel of Fortune.” Of course, these days it’s all about the iPad. For every Angry Birds there’s an educational game out there to improve your child’s mind. Here are 40 of the best apps for your young Einstein. Most of them are paid apps, but if you’ve got $500 to drop on an iPad, we’re thinking you won’t mind.

That is all for Round Up This week


19 thoughts on “Round Up Week 4”
  1. I wish more bloggers would consider selling their blogs before just walking away from them – we all see it happen way too often in the blogosphere…

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. This is my first time coming here, but I think it’s really cool that you do a ‘weekly round up’ and feature things from other blogs. And all five of those that you’re featuring are ones that I think are relevant to just about everyone (hence the reason you put them there…!).

  3. These list of blogs you have shared for us to create is very useful, specially for those people who are new to this. uniqueness of content must be added to this cause many readers will be attracted once you have a good content.

  4. Selling your blog?? i’ve never thought of that but i prefer not to sell as one must have done a pretty hectic job to get his/her blog on that position where people opt to buy that blog. Selling blog will get you one time cash whereas one can generate a never ending money by incorporating some extra money making idea.

  5. Liked the “THE 40 BEST IPAD APPS FOR YOUNG LEARNERS ” – you have posted.And great little brief you gave there.“But Mom, if you buy me a Nintendo, think about how much my spelling will improve playing Wheel of Fortune.”just LoL ed over it.

  6. This looks like very interesting to be honest I am looking for some sites like this that provides good information about different kinds of businesses. I really would like to check the source you have shared. and I will come back for more info that I need.

  7. Hmm…where are you? Its been so long now. Hope you are well. Many thanks for sharing my post here in your blog. I don’t know how but I was made to think on the same. Luckily it didn’t happen and I am continuing the same..!

  8. Your post is really very interesting. After a long time i see your post. It is really very good. I always get information from your site. It makes me more motivate a lot. I am looking forward to your next one.

  9. Nice round up for the week. Those are really good ipad apps. Well I do agree with Ana as most of bloggers get away from their blogs when they get fail, its good idea to sell them rather then avoiding them.

  10. Awesome roundup my friend. I read Aswani’s post already and I have to admit that it was an interesting experience and great read. Ana’s conversion post is also great as it makes you realize what works and what does not work on certain websites. Off to read the rest that I missed 🙂

  11. Great roundup of blogging related instructional material. Thanks for that. What would one want to ever sell their blog for? After all the hard work and dedication that one puts into their product, such as finding fitting photographs, graphics and such plus your personality. Would be like selling your first born. Now why didn’t I think of that first. Umhh!

  12. How timely, I literally just went through an issue with this this morning. I had made changes to my blog post that were screwing things up and for some reason it wouldn’t update on my computer even after the changes were made.

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