Round Up Week 5


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Like it or not, as a designer, the people that you have the most contact with are your clients. Through the highs and the lows, it’s important to build and maintain a relationship with all of your
clients. After all, they are paying you and entrusting you with a pretty big task. There’s no doubt that you’ll come across tricky,difficult and downright awful clients at times so it’s crucial that you are well equipped to deal with whatever they may throw at you!

(1) Drive-by Guest Bloggers: The Dangers of Spun and PLR Content – Beware of drive-by guest bloggers offering to write free articles for your website. You may say, “But I’m not a writer. I can’t turn down free content!” You know that you need fresh content to attract buyers, and guest posts seem like an answer to all your prayers. Free? Even better. But when a writer appears out of nowhere, offers to write you unique posts – exclusively yours – in exchange for a backlink or two; remember that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” Your rich, overseas fourth cousin, seven times removed, did not just die and leave you a database overflowing with free PANDA food.

(2) Building Authority and Influence in Google+ – When Google announced last week that they’ll be starting to roll out Search Plus your World, it became more evident that search is shifting towards a simpler way of retrieving data for their users by merging personalized search and social search on their result pages for logged-in users (including relevant Google+ pages). This sudden – but already foreseen – move from Google is definitely going to make massive changes on how businesses should market themselves, as this is certain to affect traditional online marketing methodologies.

(3) Social Contest Marketing for Buzz and Links It’s no secret that social media based contests are a sure fire way to gain brand exposure, social followers and links. There are many ways to go about executing your contest so I thought I might go over some ideas and tips that have worked wonders for clients in the past. I’ll be getting into everything from which social platforms work the best, tools to help you out and how to score links all over the place during the process. I’m pretty excited to be writing about this topic mainly for one reason. Building a strong social follower base is key to a brand’s survival. Why? Well, it scares me to think how many businesses rely mostly on Google’s organic traffic for business and just how much a strong social following is contributing to organic rankings. The organic search game is a volatile one so take advantage of your contest and start growing your follower base. The potential for your Facebook fans getting your brand message to their friends is great! Since Google+ posts are now being indexed in the SERPs, there’s a whole other angle to start thinking about.

(4) Advanced Preparation for SEO Campaign + Link Building Plan Blueprint – It has been really busy starting this year, as you saw there wasn’t a single post published here in January, so I decided to give you something to make up for the lack of posting. If you are serious about doing proper SEO for your website and capitalizing on link building and social media as well as understanding what is required to rank high in your targeted niche, than save this page for when you have time to concentrate and take notes. I like to think there are 4 stages in preparing a serious SEO campaign: Research Preparation Action Analysis Of course this is a circle, so once you complete the analysis of your work and results you need to tweak the campaign accordingly and continue. For those of you that want a quick reminder of the process outlined in this article here is a slideshow I did on the topic, and at the end of the post you will find a masterpiece of my designing skills, a blueprint.

(5) 2 Free Binverse Usent Accounts to winners of the first ever giveaway contest on this blog Here comes a pleasant surprise !! A giveaway for the visitors of this blog. Yes, this is for the very first time, I have come up with a giveaway for the readers of this blog. I don’t know why I couldn’t think on the same earlier but anyways, here is a great chance for you to be a part of the same and become a lucky winner..! Now, what does the lucky winner get ? The lucky winner has a chance to grab the Binverse Usenet Account for free. You may be wondering what is this all about? Well, once you have the free account with Binverse Usenet, you can download as much content as possible from the same (50 GB). For those who are unaware of the term Usenet, please visit this Usenet page to know more on it. In short –

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6 thoughts on “Round Up Week 5”
  1. Thanks so much for the share bro. I would like you to participate in the contest. Believe me, it is worth participating. The winner gets a free binverse usenet account which allows you to download content worth 50 GB from the usenet. I am having an account in the same and there are tonnes of useful and informative content to be downloaded….try it…all the best…cheers !!

  2. Participating on seminars and contest soothes the mind and refreshes our knowledge. Setting workable goals motivates us to do our best and strive hard in whatever we do.

  3. This is getting more and more interesting, I keep following your round up for me to gain more knowledge. and I totally agree with you Becca, once we keep on joining different kinds of seminars and conference it refreshes our mind , and teaches us something we can adopt.

  4. Google+ is going strong and I strongly believe Facebook and Twitter have lost some share. Very useful article to read and discuss with experts like you.

  5. Great tips here, lawmacs. I actually accepted a few blog posts on my website, and your roundup on guestbloggers opened my eyes! I am off to check the articles on plagiarism! Thanks for the warning!

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