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Round UpRound Up Round Up the great feature that continue to highlight those post from around the web that needs featuring . In Round up this week post number four titled Need External links has listed some great blogs where you can get links from and of course that list includes so feel free to check that post for the full listing of websites that has been featured there. The year 2012 has been picking up pace and i do hope blogging goals are been met and you are getting the traffic you deserve and you hard work is paying off.

(1) Conversion Killers: How to Plug Website Holes That Leak Money If you are like most marketing bloggers, then you are after one thing…making money online. That’s why you crank out content, work the social web and optimize your site. You want higher and higher amounts of traffic flowing to your site. The only problem is…if you are making one of the following conversion mistakes…then you are losing serious revenue. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to correct any one of these mistakes and plug up any holes in your blog or website. Your first step is to find the holes. Let’s take a look. Reduce the clutter on your sidebar In a Which Test One case study, Anne Holland demonstrated that sidebars without clutter outperformed sidebars with clutter by 26%.

(2) Blog Design – Designing your blog to perfection First impression is the last impression. Most of us know it well. While there are people who value it seriously, some aren’t such. The blogosphere has countless examples of those who fall into such groups, one which is ready to implement it to perfection and the other which has no time and interest for the same. I am talking about the design part…the design of your blog. Believe me, nothing fascinates me more than seeing a beautifully laid out design or layout of a blog. One of the reason for the same is that I am myself a web designer. Yes..I do it mostly as a hobby and I simply enjoy it though I still have to learn a lot in this area…to be an expert..!

(3) iOS 5.1 Release Along With iPad 3 In March? iOS 5.1 release date is expected to be March 9 as per the recent reports. Apple had seeded iOS 5.1 Beta 3 for developers in January last month and reports from YourDailyMac suggests that iOS 5.1 will be most probably released on March 9th.Apple has published new profiles for iPhone-operators and the files are compatible with iOS 5.1 and are set for release on March 9. iOS 5.1 release will be compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3G,iPod Touch 4G, iPad and iPad 2.

(4) Need External Links? Here You Go…. External linkage (links) is a great way to increase the search engine optimization of your website. You simply have to embed your link under a strategic keyword, and search engines give you a higher ranking as a result. Just ensure you always leave meaningful comments, be complimentary and never, NEVER …… Do you need some external links? Here you go:

(5) How to Get 5293 (Automatic) Monthly Twitter Visitors – In this monthly report, I list the exact strategies I use to increase traffic to this blog {and other websites.} Today I’m going to detail a specific technique I used to generate 5293 monthly visitors from Twitter. The best part? I did this by only spending an hour (in the last month) on this social media site. Some people might *disagree* with this strategy. But I’ve found this is the best way to maximize your Twitter results. Now before we jump in this month’s topic, let’s go over the current statistics:

That is all the featured post for this week feel free to visit the sites and read the full article until next Sunday have a great week a head and remember to stop by for the mid week updates


10 thoughts on “Round Up Week 6”
  1. hmm…thanks so much as ever. Hope you are doing well. I have also been very busy here with a lot of things. Trying to complete things ASAP. Anyways, keep in touch and have a nice week ahead..!

  2. This is a great round up with valuable information.

    The list of external links is awesome. Thanks!

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. The website/blog is awsm.Just thinking that if all could have same type of author or content then internet would be so much better place to live!

  4. Actually just stumbled upon when one of my friend posted a link of your website so thought of having a look at it,and was amazed to see the quality of all the post!
    Thanks again mate 🙂

  5. iPad 3 already? Apple are becoming ridiculous with their release schedules. I just don’t understand why people keep following suit and buying an iPod/iPhone/iPad/All every year just because a newer one with slightly better hardware becomes available. I think it’s a waste of money.

  6. I’m at work browsing your blog from my Comp! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!

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