Round Up Week 8


February 26, 2012 , ,

This week’s Round Up features some very interesting posts from a different variety of blogs which i do hope you find interesting. Number 2 is a very interesting article and while you are there you could check out Steve’s new book for kindle going at a very reasonable price. Article number three features < thousands by seen is website your that and achieve you links free the all of think Just here? featured Blog or when archive to benefits lot a are there realize Did Up. Round similar post this links,>

(1) A Four Step Marketing Plan Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog – The other day, a friend of mine who owns a services business was telling me that his blog wasn’t growing as fast as he would like it. When he shared his analytics with me, I realized that he was exaggerating the growth of his blog. It’s not that it wasn’t growing fast, it wasn’t growing at all. And on top of that, he’d been blogging for over a year quite consistently. Finally, I asked him what the role of his blog is in his marketing efforts. To which he said: “I use my blog to bring attention to my company.” And with that, I realized why his blog was struggling.

(2) 13 Ways to Use as the ULTIMATE Link Building Service [Niche Affiliate Income #4]It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve talked about my niche affiliate income series. Much has happened during this time. I’ve shifted my focus on a number of sites and learned a lot about building small niche web properties. The one thing I’ve discovered is you can make money with niche sites in a number of ways: Information based affiliate products Amazon physical products Amazon Kindle books

(3)   Skimlinks, Pinfographic, Scraped Content, Blogging, Speedlink 08:2012Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week. So, by now you may be curious as to what exactly is “Pinfographic”. Well it is just a word I came out with that combines Pinterest with Info graphic. Why? Don’t know about you, but after testing some of my pins this week, I noticed that “info graphic” type pins are the ones that generate more traffic for my sites than anything else.

(4) SEO – The happening word in business – If one does not know, what SEO is then SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the techno savvy world of today this is the most important and favourite word one can ever think of. The web solution depends on this very word and is the success factor in making a company popular and famous in all the possible aspects. There are many search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are many more search engines, one can do

(5) The Digital Classroom Very interesting info graphics about the digital classroom please visit and see for your self.

That is all for this week i do hope you find the articles interesting and feel free to follow the link and read the full post. please help spread the word by retweeting this article


20 thoughts on “Round Up Week 8”
  1. I find the #1 very interesting topic and seem a big help for everyone in marketing. With constantly changing innovations and ideas generated through the Internet, it is easy for anybody to start up a business online.

  2. Hey Gary. I hope all is well with you. Thanks very much for the mention. I have been in between so many projects that I have been lagging behind visiting friend’s blog like yours. That does not mean I don’t 🙂

    Great list here BTW and #2 did call my attention. I will be checking that out for sure.

    Thanks bud and all the best

  3. Hi gary!

    This is the first time that I amd viewing you website. Mot of the topic were of interest but as you said No. 2 was the most interesting. Good job.

  4. Nice post These tips all make sense, but it’s so easy to forget some of these points when you start writing a guest blog post… the last thing you want is to embarrass yourself on someone else’s blog!

  5. I love my Monday Morning Round Up read.
    Definitely keep it up. It’s so awesome to be able to drop by Lawmacs and see whats happening in the world.
    #2 Is very appealing this week. I’ve recently started using Fivver, what an awesome site. It amazes me at some of the things that people do.
    Thanks again

  6. I have been using fiverr microjob site. And believe me I have earned much revenue from that website. The gigs get lots of attention from other buyers. the only thing which we should think more about is the reputation and quality work while having the business on fiverr!

  7. We are pretty much in SEO and web development business and always try to look for new smart ways with less efforts. Fiverr is something which interest me most.

  8. These are great round up, specially for those who are on online business. these are line up I keep on waiting for. specially the part when it talks about the SEO, because being an SEO can be consider as the soul of each blog site. they are the one in charge in raising one’s site potential.

  9. You’ve just shared a very valuable and informative post. This will really give a very helping hand especially to those in the line seo.

  10. Hi Gary,

    Excellent content, as I read your first article I became aware that I need to spend more time into researching who I have as an audience, they are there, but I have very little idea of the demographics.

    I spend a lot of time writing, and just realized that I do it because I (myself) am very interested in the subject, however I should also involve my readers.

  11. Looking to grow blog traffic so I’m anxious to take a look at how these bloggers are growing their traffic and readership.

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