Social Networking Sites The Benefits


October 24, 2009

Social Networking Sites What are they?, These are websites that are mostly online base which focuses mostly building communities or activities where people share interest and activities and are interesting in exploring the interest and activities of others. Social Networking Sites has become a phenomenon in our lives today it is as if our lives revolves around them. the internet since its invention has evolve so much that it has become apart of our day to day functions especially now that site like face book, twitter ,digg ,stumble and others  has emerged we used them in our Social and business lives  at some point.

The Benefits derived from these site is enormous needless to say take face book for instance you create an account which is free as is most Social Networking Sites create your profile and with the click of a mouse you showcase yourself to the whole world isn’t wonderful the The benefit if you are a blogger or a website owner looking to showcase your site then social networking sites acts as an advertising media to help promote your website for bloggers i think they can be very beneficiary to us. When i joined Face book i found a relative i had not seen or heard from for about twenty years with that said lets get back to the main topic.

Twitter on the other hand has been attracting celebrity and politician alike although it been classed as a micro blogging platform and limits its tweets to just one hundred and forty characters everybody seems to be tweeting now a days it lets you keep up with what your friends are doing and it even let you advertise.

Although Face Book is deemed the must popular Social Networking Sites there are other sites like MySpace ,Beebo ,Digg and others who command a large following on if use right the possibility can be endless so get out there and join a Social Networking Site today. As usual feel free to leave your comments and feedback join in the discussion.


11 thoughts on “Social Networking Sites The Benefits”
  1. Hi lawmacs,

    Good article on social networking. I use most of the large social networks for both personal and business. I have found that sites such as FaceBook and Twitter can be utilized as great marketing resources but you do need to start off slowly and build relationships with your followers before doing any marketing.

    To your success!

  2. A very interesting article Gary 🙂 . As bloggers these social networking sites are very useful to us. But it sad that some organizations believe that it decreases the productivity of their employees and the use of these networking sites , especially Facebook is banned.

    I hope that they realise their mistake and start using social networking sites for their benefits.

  3. I am a facebook fan myself, I have met a lot of great bloggers and have acquired many readers from facebook.

    I have not tried Beebo perhaps I should, I have not had much luck meeting people on Myspace at least not blogger and people to network with.

    Thanks for the great post!

  4. No doubt, Social Networking has a lot of benefit these days. Social networking sites seems to have flooded internet. Now, it has become a lot easier for others to promote their sites. Sites such as facebook and twitter do play a huge role in promoting your sites. One should make best use of these social networking sites for the same.

  5. i do use some the social networking site merely for fun and friends.. but sometime i use it to promote my blog and content.. good post btw.. 😀

  6. I am also a fan of social networking. Twitter, facebook, blogcatalog and any other sites where you can advertise your blog posts. Twitter mostly because with twitter and twitterfeed I can setup to send a blog post to twitter and than send it out to every single social network I am a member of.

  7. Social networking can be a source of traffic and source of back link. Put your url on your profiles and hope someone come from there 🙂
    Thanks Gary for the article.

  8. Working online, I used to bookmark/ my web sites to social networking sites. The results I gained are remarkably overwhelming as many people visit almost all of my web sites. I am indebted to these social networking sites, so it’s high time I guess to bring back the praises to those who make blogs about social networking sites as you do. Thanks!

  9. Good post..Well social networking sites have many benefits and that help to promote the online business i.e for website or blog.You can create profile on social media sites like Facebook and than add many friends related to your niche, build relationship with them share them story so they could come to your site….Social marketing sites help to generate big amount of traffic to your site.

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