Sunday Post Round Up #18


April 30, 2011 , ,

Sunday Sunday it is time for the Round Up this week we will look at other sites that features some form of Round Up where if you get featured you can get the possibility to get some links back to your website. Link building is the key to getting exposure for our blogs. Getting natural links is regard as the  better form of link building. Round Up is design just to do that and also showcase some brilliant post from around the web. Without further ramblings here are the blogs that do Round Up of some sort. Feel free to share your thoughts.

(1) Fetching Friday – Resources Mash up & Royal WeddingThis post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mash up. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon, re-tweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

(2) Speedlink V15/2011, URL Shorteners, Blogging, SEO, Social WebHello everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. Unfortunately can’t say that my week was that productive as my internet connection was not cooperating very well, due to an upgrade in services I requested. In addition, my favourite Twitter App (Hoot suite) is not working properly, this after upgrading my browser to version 3.6.17 of Firefox.

(3) Empowering Search Vol. 2Welcome to the second edition of my curated/round up post series, where I feature and share the search mind-blowing articles I’ve personally read this past few weeks/this month. To start off, I first want to thank Goran of Black Hat Source for interviewing me, which you can all read here – Interview with Jason Acidre. Next, uhm, there’s no other news actually, I was just busy recently in working (testing the new version of Traffic Travis that you should definitely check out this coming May), more work, conceptualizing future posts and writing good content.

(4) How to Get Natural In-Content and Editorial Links An editorial link is a one-way link placed within the body of a content that is given naturally by other websites to specify a resource. Basically, it’s a form of citation on the web, which generally indicates that the destination of the link is the original source of the procured data, idea, concept or statement.getting editorial links In link building, I personally believe that these types of links – editorial or one-way in-content links – are the most powerful and the ones that really carry weight in signalling search engines that a certain content is offering so much value and they should return this piece on their results for people to

(5) Hey! Your Karma Hit my Dogma – A Steve Scott Weekly RoundupIt is time for yet another Steve Scott Site weekly roundup. This week’s posts are on the subject or good Karmic and Dogmatic practices for getting ahead online. It is where the esoteric “right things to do online” meet the well-known practices for success.

That is it for this round up i do hope you find these post interesting and please feel free to share them and visit the sites to read the full post. Thanks for taking the time to support round up.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Post Round Up #18”
  1. Thanks again for the mention Gary. you are absolutely right, round ups is definitely one form of getting natural links and also a good way to provide link luv. I am familiar with two of the round ups above (mine included, hehe) and for some reason have not yet seen 3, 4 and 5. Going to remedy that now. Thanks again and have a nice weekend

    1. I agree Ditesco natrual links is what we need and post like Round Ups and Speedlinkis are doing just that i wish we had more of them . thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Shabnam i do hope you had a great day yesterday and hope you find the rest of the post useful and of benefit to you. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate

    1. Thanks Tessa i am happy that you found them very useful i will continue to showcase Round Up i believe that it is a great way to network and share resources amoung other bloggers.

  2. Hi Gary,
    I have just finished reading #4, How to get Natural In-Content and Editorial Links. It really is informative and helpful. I will read the rest tonight.
    Thanks for sharing these informative posts!

    1. How to get natural in-content and editorial links is a great post written by jason who is very experience in seo and shares is knowledge with his readers feel free to follow his blog it is worth it.

  3. This is another Sunday as we continue with our featured articles written….Thanks for this wonderful article…would like to visit again…..

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