Sunday Post Round Up

sunday postWell guess what? yes it is time for web round again i must firstly and rightly say thanks for all your support throughout the year and looking forward to your continued support in the coming year. i am looking to the new year already how you all are. As i have always do is to showcase some post from around the web which i think is worth sharing so if your post does not make it this week maybe next time keep on posting. Now here five post i would like to share with you the first one is just a reality check sit back read and enjoy.

Why I was Almost Sued by The New York Times – Almost being sued by a major corporation such as the New York Times definitely isn’t funny business. In fact, it’s extremely frightening and stressful.I found out recently that the New York Times was going to start charging readers in January 2011 for frequent access to their website

Monitor SEO Progress With Free SEO Reports And Tools – Now that you have done a great deal to improve your search engine rankings by implementing the best SEO practices, it is also wise to regularly monitor your progress to see if your SEO campaigns have been paying off. If one of your objectives is to have a successful business in the online market, following your SEO movements should be a part of your regular activity, to ensure that your goals are being achieved.

8 Ways To Do a Strategic Link Search – Link search or finding link opportunities for a site’s link building campaign is very vital to all SEO strategies. Basically, it’s a phase in which your link building efforts will depend. To build links strategically, it’s important that you first know the pages that you’ll be trying to get links from; if they’ll be useful/good for your site or not, and if it is possible for you to get links from them.

Proven Methods To Boost Your Affiliate Sales – If you are into Affiliate Marketing then this is a must read I’m sure when you first heard of affiliate marketing and read the many success stories on display, you probably thought you have finally found your ticket to wealth. No doubt: affiliate marketing is the easiest industry to enter and it also has the potential to reward you considerably. But the brutal truth is that over 80% of affiliate marketers will never make a single sale.

Here are four of my favorite for this week feel free to leave a comment and share with others and don’t forget to check the full post these are just excerpt from the post. There are many other great blog post out there however i just pick a few hey if you are into technology don’t forget to visit Techiezlounge for all your updates and highlights in this category and here is a bonus for you this week


22 thoughts on “Sunday Post Round Up”
  1. Many thanks for the mention Gary. I am honored to be a part of such a short list 🙂 On a side note, I saw Ben’s post as it really is an attention grabber, the headline that is. Scary but an awesome lesson I must admit. Things we learn sometimes, be it good or bad, are always welcome..

    1. That is true your post are always brilliant Ditesco they are great stuff that needs to be share and yeah you are right ben’s post is an attention grabbing headline followed it from facebook

    1. Thanks Fernado and i am happy to have you here adding your voice to the discussion here i must say welcome and you comment here is much appreciated have a wonderful holiday

  2. Hi lawmacs:

    Very short and sweet round up. I like the last two. I like Shabana too, I am not a technology freak, so do not read much of her stuff. Great post.

    And I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and a very exciting Happy and successful 2011
    fran A

    1. Thanks Fran i do hope you are enjoying the festive season at this time you support has been invaluable here hope to have you around in the coming year enjoy the festive season and stay safe. Have a prosperous 2011

    1. You are welcome Shabnam i send you an email hope you have recieved it roberts post is brilliant especially if you are interested in affiliate marketing like i do hope you have a wonderful holiday

  3. Thanks for including my recent post Gary 🙂 Just retweeted and liked it on stumbleupon. I’m actually writing something up regarding this style, I may include your site as an example! Will let you know once it’s up. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jason i would be honoured for you to mentioned my Blog it was a great pleasure to add your post to the list Thanks for the retweet and stumble. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Thanks for your support.

  4. I was very curious why you were almost sued by the New York Times. I’ve been hacked before and I know that feeling of panic. Well done to your Dad for putting in a massive effort to help you out. Give him a pat on the back from me!

    1. Actually it was not me it was Ben but i decide to share the post here as i think it was a good idea as bloggers we need to think carefully about infringement rights so i thought it was worth sharing. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation have a great holiday

  5. Cool round up Gary, as affliate marketer I’m interested too in ‘Proven Methods To Boost Your Affiliate Sales’. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicola i too is taking great interest in Affiliate Marketing because it seems there is money to earn through affiliate marketing glad you like the post

  6. I like the last two links you included in the above post. Though, these are all useful, the last two caught my eye. I actually read the 2nd to the last post before doing my comment here. I hope you will do same useful list again.

    1. Thanks for your comment Cole Stan actually i believe you are the first to read the post before commenting i must take this opportunity to say welcome to my site and have a great holiday

  7. Gary, I want to thank you once again for including my blog in your Sunday Post Roundup. The post you referred to was written by a fellow Internet marketer, Alex Papa who is very experienced in many phases of online marketing.

    Glad to see so much interest in affiliate marketing and a big thank you to Shabnam.

    I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.

    1. You are most welcome Robert affiliate Maeketing is something of interest to me which i intend to have a look at in the coming year. Thanks for your holiday wishes and i hope you and the family have a wondeful holiday season stay safe bro.

    1. Copyright infringement is something we as bloggers should be aware of we need to think before jumping as these things can have serious consequences on our blog Thanks for your input

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