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This is another Sunday as we continue with our featured articles written by you my fellow bloggers this week i bring you five interesting post all covering Search Engine Optimization has you might have notice from the headlines. Search Engine Optimization is some thing been talk about every where on the internet a topic we can not ignore especially in today’s competitive market place. We as bloggers needs to keep ourselves up to date as to the ever changing trends that goes on online.I remember in one of my Round Ups Seo was the topic and one of my readers requested that i bring more posts about Seo well i have listened and here it is.

(1) Effective Strategies for Marketing Articles Marketing articles is an evergreen topic of discussion for an online writer. Focus keeps changing with the changes of the system. This time after Google changed its algorithm in February 2011 the latest trends changed again.Focus and priority of writing has changed and so are the effective strategies for marketing articles. These changes do not occur because people are changing, but because online trends are being changed by the experts and specially Search engine experts.

(2) SEO Process from Start to Finish – SEO Process Blueprint – SEO process can be different from company to company, but in basics it is one and the same thing. If you are an SEO or if you are planning a serious SEO campaign from start to finish then you do need to have a set SEO process that you will follow. Now we had our own SEO process, we improved it after partnering with Dejan SEO, so now we have a serious looking SEO process that works amazing. But remember, this is just the basic template for your SEO campaign, you can tweak it to your liking, but the effect and success depends only on your efforts and commitment.

(3)How to Measure your Twitter Influence and Why you Should – Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites around. Measuring your Twitter influence has now been one of the things to look out for especially now that we know that Google is taking Twitter’s social signals into account.There is actually a website that now enables you to roughly measure your Twitter influence. The metric name is TunkRank – something like Google Page Rank but it’s used for Twitter. Interesting.If you’re the type who likes to get your hands dirty on analytics, you should check this out.

(4) 10 On-page SEO Tactics for 2011 – Seo  on-page SEO is a consistently evolving field of modern marketing, given that search engines constantly improve their algorithms’ capabilities of returning high quality and highly relevant pages to their users’ queries. Search engines – especially Google – use hundreds of factors to estimate pages that deserve to show up on their top results. There are two major processes in search engine optimization that enable websites and pages to rank for its targeted keywords on search results – and these are on-page and off-page optimization.

(5) SEO ranking factors illustration in an easy to understand Periodic Table Chart SEO – Do I need to write any further? I hope SEO, which stands for search engine optimization doesn’t require any further explanation. Tonnes of articles related to the same can be found on the web and surprisingly even if you have mastered it in deep, the results are never easy to get. Feeling the same with me at present. Anyways, there is absolutely no doubt with the fact that SEO is a continuous process. You just cannot start and leave it in the middle as it may work for a very short time but if you expect results to show up on a regular basis, you really need to concentrate more and more on this particular area.

That is it for the featured Round for week 25 as we continue to feature these articles feel free to send links to some of those post you feel is worthy of sharing here. I must take this opportunity to thank the guys at Best Colleges Online for mentioning this post 40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students please feel free to visit these sites and share Round Up on your favourite network.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Post Round Up #25 Seo Today”
  1. Hi bro, I cannot thank you more. That’s is so very kind of you. Thank you so much for putting my link under those resources. I really appreciate it. Keep sharing such useful resources. All the best….have a fantastic weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Aswani no need to i think your post deserves it place here and Thank you too for taking the time to leave your comment and continue to support this blog.

    1. Those two are great post Shabnam i do hope you get a lot of benefit from reading those two post Have a good week end and a great week ahead. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Hi lawmacs:

    A great round up as usual. Thanks for adding me in your list of round up. The rest of the post that you have mentioned are also awesome. Zarko, Sean and the Seo post I did read them, and these have information that can be used. Thanks for doing a good job of Information provider so well, Enjoy your Sunday

    Fran A

    1. You are welcome Fran as long as the post are great they will always get metioned here that is why Round Up was born to help and share great content from around the web.

    1. Hi Sirajul Thanks for your input and your kind words i am much delighted to know that you found the site useful and glad that you find the post great. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the discussion here.

  3. Your information will be very useful for me. I can see that you are an expert in this area. Thanks for all your help.

    1. Thanks glad to know that you found the information useful i do hope that you search the archive for further readings and be back to read other post Thanks for your input

  4. Another fantastic roundup Gary and one that I am particularly interested in. You know that I am a SEO addict 🙂 #4 is very appealing and I will check that out first.

    BTW, be on the lookout for an email from me. It is about your comment section..

    Thanks for sharing..

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