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June 11, 2011 , , ,

This is Sunday Post Round Up and it is that time again when Round Up is featured here. Before i forget i am off to a conference from the June 11 – 16 2011 so i may not be on the internet that frequently during these times i will be travelling with my laptop so i will still have access to the internet. However this is Round up for this week i would like to take this time to say thanks to all of you guys who have and still is supporting my blog it is much appreciated. Sit back and enjoy Round Up 

(1) Online Brand Development – Old School Link Building in Social Media Age Brand is the core element of most lucrative online businesses and websites today. From a cool business name to a striking logo or to a unique identity, a site’s brand appears to be its solid ground, which makes most of its parts possible to be scaled, given that a highly trusted brand looks more appealing not only to its targeted audience, but to other related market as well.

(2) Black Hat SEO – Dark Side of the Force or Peace of Mind – Black Hat SEO is always a though subject to talk about, but at the same time a popular one. Let me say it clearly and let me say it loud so everyone can hear. Black Hat SEO is not for amateurs, if you are not an advanced SEO you shouldn’t even be thinking about black hat SEO techniques. But at the same time, some of the “black hat” tactics used a few years back are standard practices now, some of them were pioneers of SEO, but for the most part there are certain black hat techniques that should be avoided at all costs.

(3) Limiting oneself on social media sites – How far can you go with your wordings ? Right to freedom of expression…as we say it. And certainly most of us seem to be using it at any place, anytime. The recent phenomenon which has taken momentum is to make use of social media sites like Facebook and twitter to voice your opinion over any issue you must be faced with. Being very active myself on sites like Facebook and twitter, I have to say one thing that people are getting aggressive with such campaigns. Any issue small or big, national or international…everything is being discussed and slowly but surely, it seems to be reaching out to the masses.

(4) Why entrepreneurs fail and strategies for entrepreneurial success For an entrepreneur, it is possible that his/her idea has not taken off as he/she expected.In spite of spending lot of money , effort and time, no one is buying his product. Here are few items that can go wrong in any venture. A required government clearance never comes Funding request has been denied by a VC Lead programmer has left your company and joined Google No one has purchased your product You have run out of money before your product has even hit the market Failure hurts bad Failure brings out the naysayers. Nobody likes to talk about failure and people have strong

(5) iCloud Features & Availability Apple has unveiled Mac OS X Lion ,iOS 5 and I Cloud at WWDC.I Cloud is replacing Mobile Me as now the users can store data such as music,books, photos, videos and automatically sync between multiple devices via WiFi.

Features of iCloud:

One of the most important feature of iCloud is that it is free for idevices.Users get 5GB of storage space after sign up where they can store music,photos,videos,contacts documents and mail. When you take a picture then iCloud will automatically upload your picture to other devices.You don’t need to sync your photos. iTunes in Cloud feature enables you to sync purchased contents such as music,Apps or iBooks automatically sync with your other devices.Users can also download their past purchase history

Feel free to visit these sites and read the full article if there is a site you think needs to be feature here feel free to drop me a line. That is Round up for this week.


21 thoughts on “Sunday Round up #24”
  1. Great roundup as ever. And I am very thankful to you for sharing my link too under those resources. I wrote it because I was thinking on the same from a very long time. I have seen many such cases occurring in recent times. social media sItes have turned out to be a viable weapon especially for those who have been left over with issues regarding products or services of any company. More and more people are making use of online social media today to put their concerns and I think it is very right as its all public and so can certainly bring in the prompt action from the service provider.

    1. Thank Aswani Round up as you know was design to showcase great post that will be of benefit to everyone and there are lots of post to share. Thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  2. Brand development is indeed very important. Even not online, developing the brand is such a serious thing. Great round up for the week! 🙂

    1. Hi Aurea it appears that this is your first time here welcome to my blog i do hope you enjoyed the post and looking forward to having you around adding your voice to the debate

  3. I am really excited with the feature of iCloud. It is a good news for all iPhone users. We can upload our data anytime & re-access it everywhere. I am very inspired of this iCloud announcement in Apple WWDC.

    1. That is good news for everyone especially now that we want to access information on the move glad you find the article useful. Thanks for your comment

  4. Nice, haven’t attended any conference yet (in my entire days of being an SEO and hoping to attend one before this year ends). I guess you’ll be writing some good stuff once you are back from that conference 🙂

    Great round up as usual Gary! 🙂 Thanks for including my recent post, and I see some very interesting headlines up there.

    1. Hey Thanks Jason you know by now that Seo is a topic close to my heart and i guess most bloggers do also i enjoyed your post and great post will always get featured here. Thanks for you input.

    1. You are welcome Shabnam i really love that post of yours and had to include it here at Sunday Post Round Up your input and support is much appreciated.

  5. I am really pleased for Great roundup.People’s who use iphone have a good news for them.Besides I think it is very right as its all people bring in the prompt action from the service provider.Thnx…

    1. Hi Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate Round Up as you might realise is my sunday post where i feature some very interesting articles written by other bloggers.

    1. Hi High School Diploma Welcome to my blog i am happy that you found the post interesting feel free to read the full article on their respective blogs and looking forward to have you around again

    1. You are most welcome Ashvini your article deserves to be mentioned here and this is what Round Up is all about featuring great article. Thanks for your input and continued support

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