Sunday Round Up #43


November 20, 2011 , ,

This is the Round Up for this week after surfing the web and looking through some great post these are the five posts below that makes in the hall of Round Up this week Round Up highlights above five posts weekly and share them with my readers and acts also as a way of giving back to my readers who continue to visit my blog and interact by way of leaving comments. These are just snips of the post  so it would be a good idea to visit the respective blogs and read the full article. Here are this week’s featured articles.

(1) The Ultimate Way To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog – One of the best and most important methods of getting a higher ranking in search engines is back links.I just recently got a message by Mark, who asked me: “Hi Nicola, can you tell me how did you get backlinks for the3dtechnologies?“ Well, as my readers know, I have already launched a mini-guide on how to get backlinks on my recent post, so today I decided to add more tips at the list. As the new Panda Updates came out, while getting contextual backlinks from high quality websites is as powerful as ever, building thousands of back links, even from comments, forum signatures, some of which coming from PR0 pages, seems to help a great deal.

(2) 5 Things to Look for in a Web Dev CompanyNot all web site development companies are equal. Therefore, getting a proposal from one company for all the things on your wish list does not mean that the end result will be the same as with another company, even if the proposals are similar in scope. The experience and talent of the people in each company will determine the quality of the final product. How can YOU make sure you are picking the best company for the job?

(3) How to Pull Your Facebook Account Into Google+ – This is the short tutorial on how to pull your Facebook account into Google+. It is very easy to pull your Facebook account into Google + in just few easy steps. As we all know that the Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networks, which was founded in 2004, it took three years to gather a user base of 25 million – it achieved a user base of 50 million users in October 2007. Of course, it could be pointed out that the respective periods of time when these competing social media services were developed were also vastly different: in 2004, the concept of social media was just in its infancy as opposed to 2011, when it has grown to become an almost integral segment of the online world.

(4) Social Being or Internet Junkie? – The top toy in 1922 was a doctor kit. 1937 saw a Snow White tea set become the most sought after toy. These toys encouraged learning, imagination and interaction with others. Today I looked at the Top toys for Christmas 2011. Nearly all of them are electronic. None are educational. None encourage imagination, creativity or innovation. None inspire social interaction.

(5) Build Your Online Business Using Free Cloud Web Hosting Not so long ago, I have provided a step by step tutorial on how to build a niche website in a very short period of time. Granted, one of the recommended requirements to do so is by getting yourself a domain name and a web hosting provider. The investment in a domain name is really minor compared to that of web hosting, and if this is what’s pulling you back from moving forward, here’s some good news. I will show you the way to getting a fully loaded, no gimmick, no fees or anything related, free web hosting account that runs in the cloud. How’s that sound? Interesting? Read on..

That is it for the Round Up Features for this week i hope you find these post interesting and remember sharing is caring


14 thoughts on “Sunday Round Up #43”
  1. I am reading one by one article but the first article related to back links is covering one of the important factor of SEO.

  2. I love how you did this post with the excerpts. Makes the decision as to whether or not a post is worthwhile much easier.


  3. Nice Post. I have never seen this post before. Your Site was amazing. You always share Valuable information with us.

  4. According to panda updates, while getting contextual back links from high quality websites is as influential as ever, building thousand of back links, even from comments, forum signature, article marketing, press release, social book marking etc.

  5. There is always a way to obtain good and quality links without a dime. If you are a seo expert you must know this way, otherwise your website will stay only at a mediocre level.

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