What is the Future of Facebook after its IPO release in coming years?


June 8, 2012 , ,

facebookFacebook is a very strong social media nowadays. It has gained a lot of popularity in previous few years and has earned a major online market share. It knows the art of joining people together. You will hardly find people around you who haven’t got their facebook profiles. It is a very quick and easy way of getting updates about your surroundings. People don’t feel bored and lonely by sharing their thoughts and getting comments from their loved ones.

Its messenger is quickly replacing Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo messengers which had monopoly over many years. It has also improved its voice and email communication over time. Despite of its numerous fans, there is a big question mark about its future. Here are some important facts under consideration:

  • Innovation is a Hurdle:

Changing technology is always a hurdle. Before the advent of facebook, we had emails, chat forums, Friendster and MySpace. Having a close look to MySpace, it is obvious that it was a big hit in nineties but with time it loaded with spam and was unable to retain its quality.

So, we can aspect a new wonder anytime. The fast pace of technology is quickly replacing the previous ones. A new social media is arriving in the market nearly every year; each equipped with better features. Facebook needs to add distinguished features continuously in order to survive in this competitive era. It has got the competitive advantage of a young CEO having right energy and skills required to boost it up.

  • Craze in Developing Countries:

By closely looking at its market share of previous few years, it is surprising to find it declining in many developed countries like U.S, U.K and Canada. On the other hand, it is raising its share day by day in many developing countries like India, Pakistan, and Malaysia etc. This is a very encouraging yet challenging task for facebook to maintain its craze in developing countries.

It should be very careful now to support anything which can hurt people’s feelings. There was a large hue and cry regarding facebook promoting some anti religious feelings. In order to maintain its credibility, it should prove to be unbiased focusing on better communication and entertainment for a large variety of audience.

  • Encouraging Corporate Clients:

No doubt, facebook is a real hit but as compared to many other social media websites like MySpace, it lacks corporate sponsors who can put their money in the proper promotion. In its early stage, it has got low membership which can be improved over time. Facebook, therefore, has got the tremendous opportunity to grow and target larger niche by finding and encouraging more corporate clients who are able to invest and earn better revenues.

We can hence say that the future of facebook is bright, yet challenging. It has to cope up with the changing trends and innovations. With billions of users daily, it has got the ability of earning large revenues. The only thing is that it should be able to maintain its credibility over time.

About the Author:

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24 thoughts on “What is the Future of Facebook after its IPO release in coming years?”
  1. you article is fabulous, facebook is strong in the social media network because their worker provide new app and design most of the time, they satisfy everyone with internet marketing platform (facebook page), game space and more. the future of facebook is bright even many people dislike them.

  2. Facebook is the now leading social networking site.Some features changes does not make so effect.

  3. Facebook is a monster indeed. I think Facebook will become the face of social networking in every aspect of the people’s life. Even politicians are using it to promote their campaigns. Some other guys say it will replace Google, but that surely will not happen at any chance.

  4. Facebook is a stand out social network among all the others because it is pretty easy to use and that is why it has many subscribers. Its future is so bright.

  5. If you know how to benchmark, test and verify the results. Most probably it can be good for their business, and many don’t realize how effective social media is. Without a way of measuring the success of social media, they are blindly using that form of communication without realizing the effect it has with their customers.

  6. Facebook is now the first network in social media networks, but I think that in a few years another network will take its place. This is the rule of the game: one falls, another will rise!

  7. Facebook is the biggest social networks around. I love there campaign but the changes on there facebook page I don’t like it. Having hard time looking for old post and not a friendly user.

  8. I think facebook has a bright future. It still has a lot of room for growth. I also think that this new deal with apple will really benefit them in the future. I suspect that their stock price will go back up shortly.

  9. Facebook is the best social networking site with millions of users log in to their Facebook Account atleast once in a day.With rumors regarding Facebook iPhone coming up it will give a good competition to other smartphones.

  10. I guess facebook will remain on top as social media platform in the next 2 or 3 years. The key is the users, as long as the amount of facebook users is high then facebook is the best. It’s hard for other social media platform to overlap facebook for the moment.

  11. Great article, however, I disagree with a lot of the comments – Yes, FB is big, but it really depends on what kind of niche you’re in. For us, Twitter is the holy grail (though FB is a close second!)

  12. At the moment it’s hard to see any other company overtaking Facebook in the near future. However when it goes public it is answerable to the investors so they need to do something to increase the earnings, which might pave the way for a similar company.

    1. IPO not matter for people who are browsing this site for interest or timepass. But with time i think craze of Facebook start diminishing and all investor who put their hard earn money on facebook will face loss

  13. Yes you are right. I don`t understand what is IPO but I understand your thoughts. Before few months Facebook more changes on the website. He add so many commercials in side bar.Your article is superb.

  14. I really think Facebook is like a microcosm of the entire Internet. It’s not just a website… If they were to just sit on their hands and go public, I think you could start seeing Google-like numbers in the revenues, in the EBITDA, and in the valuation.

  15. this is a good site.i agree that Facebook is now the first network in social media networks. it is the most strongest social networking site.thank you

  16. Facebook is the leading social network in the world and it may take time for another network to overtake it.

  17. I agree completely that Facebook is the strong social media site. Thanks for sharing this nice blog. I love the way that you explain things to others.

  18. Almost everything now-a-days is attached to facebook. Where ever you go you see something relating to it, either ‘liking’ something or even logging in through facebook for other sites. If/when facebook does fall it will definitely leave a big impact on the internet


  19. I agree completely that Facebook is the strong social media site. Thanks for sharing this nice blog. I love the way that you explain things to others.

  20. It is true that Facebook is a strong Social Media Network, it is the best way to gain traffic for any kind of business.

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